Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 572: A Different Frequency

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Chapter 572: A Different Frequency

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It was so weak that it was barely audible. However, at least it was still beating. His heart held on despite the reality that it really shouldn\'t have. Xinghe was thankful for that.

Xinghe bent down to take a close look at Mubai. She opened her lips to say, "Xi Mubai, if you can hear, please promise me that you\'ll hang on and not surrender. This is my only request of you, I ask that you hold on. No matter how hard it might be, please do not give up. I will not give up on you and so I ask that you do the same for me. Let\'s survive this together, okay?"

Xinghe\'s only reply was the beeping from the electrocardiogram. That was as good a promise as any for Xinghe. His heart was still beating so she knew he would hold on. She knew he was the most determined person in the whole world so someone like him wouldn\'t die so easily.

Xinghe held Mubai hands in her palms and she hoped that would transfer some energy to him. Xinghe stayed that way for half an hour before leaving.

When she let go of his hands, Mubai\'s palm was warmed and had lost its earlier chilliness. In fact, when Xinghe turned to leave, she seemed to hear a faster frequency in the electrocardiograph\'s beeping. Xinghe instantly whipped her head around to stare at that lifeline, however there was no discernible change.

Nonetheless, Xinghe was sure that there had been a change.

"Lu Qi—" Xinghe yelled for Lu Qi to come give Mubai a body check. Lu Qi gave a thorough check but found nothing.

"The frequency is probably too small for me to pick up. Regardless, this is a good development." Out of courtesy and perhaps kindness, Lu Qi went along with her.

Xinghe stared at Mubai and said, "I will come and visit him every day."

"That might not be a bad idea."

"Send me your research information later in the day, I will start working on the mechanical heart as soon as possible."

Lu Qi hesitated. "But haven\'t you had a lot on your plate lately? Can you handle this?"

"I\'ll be fine, this is nothing," Xinghe answered with confidence. She was telling the truth, her mind was always in peak condition, perhaps because her brain was different from everyone else\'s. Her brain function was exceptionally vibrant. Others would probably be tired from brain exhaustion, but she wouldn\'t. As long as it was not physical labor, she wouldn\'t feel tired.

After Xinghe left Lu Qi\'s building, she returned to the Xi family\'s old mansion. The Xi family had received news about the things that happened at the jewelry showcase.

"What do you plan to do next?" Grandfather Xi asked Xinghe. Everyone turned to look at her, waiting for her answer.

Xinghe replied softly, "The original plan was to turn the aggression towards the Lin family after swallowing Bao Hwa, but that will have to wait for now."

"Why?" Mrs. Xi asked.

Xinghe looked at them and explained calmly, "Because Mubai\'s health is more important."

The Xi family was shocked.

"Xinghe, what do you mean by that?" Mrs. Xi started to get anxious.