Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 568: Takes No Prisoners

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Chapter 568: Takes No Prisoners

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The third clause stated that Xi Empire had complete control over the import. In other words, after Country Y gave them the commission, they were free to divide the material as they pleased. Xi Empire could give the diamond to anyone they wanted; even if they didn\'t want to give anything to Bao Hwa, they could!

Lin Jing was stunned beyond belief. What kind of trade clause is this? This is market monopoly!

However, this was a trade commission given by Country Y, so Hwa Xia couldn\'t intervene even if they wanted to, but why would Country Y give Xi Empire so much power? This was impossible…

Lin Jing\'s face blanched as if powdered. Before she could recover, Xinghe\'s voice rang out again.

"From today onwards, any corporations that distance themselves from Bao Hwa will be Xi Empire\'s friends and those who still align themselves with Bao Hwa will be Xi Empire\'s enemies!" Xinghe announced with authority.

Lin Jing raised her head to look at Xinghe on stage. She felt like she had been struck by lightning. She was the Lin family\'s young mistress; she had never suffered such humiliation before…

Lin Jing was shaking with fury and she wished to murder Xinghe. The feeling was mutual; Xinghe also wished to destroy her and the whole Lin family.

"People from Bao Hwa listen up, I have in my hands ten percent of Bao Hwa\'s shares. In my capacity as the shareholder, I request to open a shareholder meeting tomorrow at City T and demand for a vote to rescind Lin Jing\'s CEO position. If the ruling is not passed, then Bao Hwa can only wait for its end."

Lin Jing fell back a few steps in a cartoonish manner. Everyone there was shocked; Xinghe\'s announcement showcased her ruthlessness. Lin Jing was backed against the wall. They didn\'t think she would go so far. Did she really need to do that just because Bao Hwa had slighted Xi Empire?

The group of jewelers were spooked; they sighed in relief because at least they hadn\'t gone after Xi Empire…

They\'d thought that, after Xi Mubai was caught in the accident, Xi Empire had lost its power, but now they knew how naïve they were.

Xi Empire was still as powerful and scary as well. This woman could rival Xi Mubai in her ruthlessness. After this jewelry showcase, no one dared to look down on Xi Empire anymore. Even without Xi Mubai, Xi Empire was not one to be trifled with because they still had Xia Xinghe. Who knew what other kinds of monsters were cooped up in the Xi family other than this Xia Xinghe.

In any case, Xinghe\'s action had caused its intended effect; she was beating the dog in front of the lion, deterring those that had bad intentions towards Xi Empire from acting out.

However, Xinghe got the chance to completely ruin Lin Jing!

"Lin Jing, if you\'re clever, you will choose to hand in your resignation. Of course, that\'s your prerogative, but we\'ll see what will happen if you refuse to do so," Xinghe warned coldly, laying it all out in the open.

She was fast, ruthless, and accurate when it came to dealing with the Lin family!

"Xia Xinghe—" Lin Jing had lost all grace by then, she screamed like a madwoman, "Who do you think you are? How dare you treat me this way, you just wait for the revenge from my Lin family!"

"Lin Family\'s revenge? Everyone heard her, right? The Lin family is again trying to use their power to suppress others. If any one of us from Xi Empire is involved in any accidents, you should know who the culprit is!"

"You…" Lin Jing didn\'t think she would let Xinghe catch her out like that. She had been too rash. She told herself to calm down; there had to be a way out of this. However, Lin Jing realized that unless the Xi Family showed her kindness, she would have no chance at a comeback!