Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 567: Bao Hwa Is Crashing Down!

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Chapter 567: Bao Hwa Is Crashing Down!

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Bao Hwa, in their ignorance, thought they were winning. They even came to this showcase to gloat, to show off their condescension towards Xi Empire. Lin Jing even went the extra mile to undermine the success of the showcase.

Now that was the perfect ending, a face slap so huge it would last her a lifetime!

Now that Xi Empire\'s hand was revealed, the various things Bao Hwa had done before appeared petty and laughable. The irony was Lin Jing asked for a huge shock. Now Bao Hwa\'s lifeline was in Xi Empire\'s hands, and that definitely counted as a shock. Lin Jing must be kicking herself from regret.

For some reasons, the crowd wanted to smile watching Bao Hwa get this deserving ending. Of course, they wouldn\'t revel in other\'s misery… Or add salt to injury.

"CEO Lin, Xi Empire becoming the agent is a shock, isn\'t it? In the future, every one of us, including Bao Hwa, will have the chance to cooperate with them."

"I remember Bao Hwa\'s main diamond supply came from Country Y, right?"

"Bao Hwa\'s main product is also diamond jewelry. In fact, I know Bao Hwa\'s diamond jewelry sells like hot cakes on the market."

"However, without diamonds, wouldn\'t their business turnover drop by around 60 or 70 percent?"

It was in reality more than that, the moment Bao Hwa lost its mainstay, the diamond jewelry, it would be like a crown without its stones, just an empty frame. In today\'s highly competitive society, what happened next was highly predictable. In other words, Bao Hwa who crossed Xi Empire, was going to meet its end soon!

These jewelers might have been sucking up to Lin Jing but that was unavoidable because Lin Jing was the kingpin in the industry. It was through pandering to her that they would be able to get some benefits.

However, when the opportunity arose, these people did not hesitate to kick Bao Hwa when it was down! They had to try their best to kill Bao Hwa, how else would they get a bigger portion of Bao Hwa\'s carcass?

Hearing to their snide comments, Lin Jing\'s face was twisted beyond belief. She was ready to kill. The team she\'d brought was also beyond the point of anger, but they were unable to do anything. Lin Jing was visibly shaking. Try as she might, she couldn\'t suppress the anxiety and anger within her. She knew that Xi Empire would definitely come at Bao Hwa hard.

As she expected, Xinghe looked at her and asked, "Well, Miss Lin, is that enough of a shock for you?"

Lin Jing was angry enough to cough blood. Her face was swollen from the massive face slap and she wanted nothing more than to retreat with the little grace that she could still summon. However, Xinghe was not done yet; this level of face slap was not enough.

She stared coldly at Lin Jing and approached her slowly. "If you think the shock value is not enough, I have something else prepared; I guarantee it\'ll make tonight a night you\'ll never forget."

"Xia Xinghe, you… don\'t think I\'m afraid of you. I don\'t believe you\'d dare to do anything to me. We, Bao Hwa, are the greatest diamond buyer in Hwa Xia; Country Y will not allow Xi Empire to do anything they want!" Lin Jing said with a shaking voice, trying her hardest to maintain her composure. After she said so, she found some confidence. "That\'s right, they will not allow you to decide the allocation of market so viciously!"

Xinghe suddenly laughed. She stared daggers at Lin Jing.

"Lin Jing, I advise you read the commission document carefully, especially the third clause, then let\'s see whether you can see say the same!"

Lin Jing\'s heart skipped a bit and she pulled up the document with shaking hands. Her face turned startlingly pale.