Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 563: The Last Arrival

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Chapter 563: The Last Arrival

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"Hmm, has Xi Empire gotten so shameless that they had to rely on other people\'s help to do this showcase? Xi Empire is such an ass hiding in a lion\'s skin."

"No, that is because a star like Xi Empire will only appear last."

A clear voice cut through the crowd. Xinghe slowly sauntered out from behind the stage. The crowd was shocked they saw her. Who is she?

Lin Jing knew who she was; she\'d learnt from Lin Xuan that she was Xi Mubai\'s ex-wife and was lucky enough to survive the explosion. For some reason, when Lin Jing met Xinghe\'s gaze, there was tension immediately. There was often competition between members of the same sex and people of power.

With just one look, Lin Jing knew this woman before her was a character. A conceited woman like Lin Jing wouldn\'t allow herself to be outshone by another woman. Plus, the Xi family and the Lin family were like oil and water, so be it for personal or professional reasons, Lin Jing\'s attitude towards Xinghe was abrasive.

"Star?" Lin Jing smirked. "Where is the star? Don\'t tell me it is you, excuse me, but who are you?"

Xinghe stared at her and said vehemently, "You\'ll know who I am soon enough. And Xi Empire coming out last is naturally because it is the star of the show."

Lin Jing laughed sarcastically at her. "Everyone heard her right? She said Xi Empire is the star of the show. Just listen to her and how conceited she sounds."

Bao Hwa\'s people all started laughing. "Miss, are you sure you\'re not crazy? You dare to say such a thing before those of us from Bao Hwa, that\'s like putting your feet in your mouth."

"Why, is your Bao Hwa that great?" Xinghe asked. From her position, she stared down at them, her condescension on full display. Lin Jing, who had been doted upon all her life, naturally couldn\'t stand her stare.

She chuckled mirthlessly. "Our Bao Hwa might not be the greatest, but it is still greater than Xi Empire. From the moment you decided to venture into the jewelry industry, you\'d lost. Anything beyond that is just finding humiliation for yourself."

"Is that so? Well, take a look at this and tell me whether you still think Xi Empire couldn\'t rival Bao Hwa." Xinghe pulled off the curtain behind her and the star display was revealed to the crowd.

Everyone had their jaws to the floor when they saw it!

What is that…

Atop of the display stand was a perfectly cut pink diamond the size of a chicken egg!

The diamond shimmered like a mirage refracting the lights. Everyone\'s eyes were naturally turned towards it; they stared at the diamond fixatedly like their souls were being pulled into it.

Even though most of the people there had come into contact with innumerable jewelry, this was definitely the first time they\'d seen such a large pink diamond up close. Its cutting was perfect, there was not a single bad angle.

Even Lin Jing was dumbfounded. She hadn\'t expected the exhibit to have something like this. This pink diamond was like a grenade blowing up their brains.

Even Ou Yang Qin stared at it with passion. However, compared to the greed in other people\'s eyes, his was filled with appreciation.

The only reason he was personally there at the showcase was to lay his eyes on the most perfect diamond in the world.

He was not disappointed. The diamond was gorgeous, so gorgeous it took his breath away.