Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 562: A Hole Big Enough to Bury Them

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Chapter 562: A Hole Big Enough to Bury Them

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Lin Jing\'s smile snapped. Where did Xi Empire get so much jewelry to put on display? Impossible, they wouldn\'t have such a huge stock!

"Everyone, this is the last exhibit, please come in," Ou Yang Qin said with a smile as he led the way. The rest filed in behind him. There was a constant string of yelps and gasps. Honestly speaking, such a large amount of jewelry did shock them. They hadn\'t expected such an amount; every single piece seemed to be extremely valuable as well.

The jewelers and media quickly rushed forward to take a look and immediately found an issue!

"This is a lie!" someone yelled out. The rest studied the displays closely. Turned out they weren\'t really mountains of jewelry but an optical illusion. The display racks were designed in a mountain shape and the jewelry was heaped on top of it. With the lighting, it created the illusion of numerous pieces of jewelry.

The smile returned to Lin Jing\'s face as she rushed toward to confirm. She scoffed out loud, "Ou Yang Qin, what is the meaning of this? Were you trying to trick us?"

"CEO Lin is right; this is deceit plain and simple. There are not as many jewels as there appears to be!" one of her lackeys concurred. They incited the crowd which then flared up from being cheated.

Ou Yang Qin laughed good-humoredly. "How did we trick you? These are specially made racks to better display the jewelry. Are you all seriously going to take issue with that?"

The crowd then realized they had indeed gone too far. If anything, they should be impressed by the ingenuity of the design.

"But I was promised a peerless showcase." Lin Jing bit down on this reason like a crazy hound and demanded, "Other than the special effects, there is nothing peerless about the pieces here! If that\'s the case, my Bao Hwa could open a peerless showcase every day!"

"That\'s right, this kind of level is indeed disappointing! So, the Ou Yang family, with its hundreds year of history, is only capable of this much."

"Xi Empire is really on its decline then since they would work with each other."

Ou Yang Qin stood on stage and took their snide comments like a champ. He opened his mouth to say, "Every piece here comes from Ou Yang Family\'s private collection. Since all of you said the things here are not worthy of being called peerless, then I wish for someone to show me something better."

Then, the crowd realized the pieces on display were indeed unusual. Earlier, they were too caught up in the drama to study the pieces closely. Now that they did, indeed each of the pieces was worth a small country. They all came from impressive backgrounds. To be able to see so many collector\'s pieces in one room was indeed a once in a lifetime experience.

None of them could one up the collection here, not even Bao Hwa. Bao Hwa might have a lot of stock, but the value of their jewelry couldn\'t rival Ou Yang Family\'s.

It was undeniable that the exhibit was peerless, but the shareholders from Bao Hwa still found that reality hard to stomach. Needless to say, Lin Jing wasn\'t going to surrender so easily.

In fact, she was glad because she realized Xi Empire was stupid enough to dig their own grave!

She chuckled coldly. "Ou Yang Qin, I\'ll admit that the collection here is peerless but what does that have to do with Xi Empire? In fact, I don\'t think I\'ve even seen a single person from Xi Empire here."