Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 561: Supposed Peerless Showcase

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Chapter 561: Supposed Peerless Showcase

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In fact, he assumed they were all barking.

"Indeed, none of this is worth being called peerless," he admitted with a smile. "But this is not the end of our exhibition. Maybe we should reserve our opinions until then."

Lin Jing nodded with kindness. "Mr. Ou Yang is right. So where is the next area?"

"But not everyone has finished viewing this hall yet," stated Ou Yang Qin.

"There\'s nothing worth seeing here," Bao Hwa\'s shareholder fired back rudely. "Take us to see the so-called showcase without peers!"

"That\'s right, Mr. Ou Yang stop trying to eke this out. Where is this peerless showcase that we were promised? Let us see it now."

"The only reason we\'re here is to see that part of the showcase; we\'re not interested in the rest so don\'t waste our time on these."

If this were a normal jewelry showcase, they would be satisfied with the things they\'d seen so far. However, they represented Bao Hwa and their mission there was to suppress Xi Empire, so their standards were higher than usual. Furthermore, they were losing patience after two disappointing exhibits. In fact, they started to suspect this was all a PR move by Xi Empire and they had nothing to show. If that was the truth, then Xi Empire would have hell to pay!

Lin Jing smiled inwardly watching everyone\'s reactions. This was what she wanted, to ruin this showcase completely!

She stared at Ou Yang Qin and asked, "Mr. Ou Yang, why don\'t you lead us to the last exhibit? Or is that going to be an issue?"

Ou Yang Qin laughed helplessly. "Alright, if that is what everyone wants then I will bring everyone to the last exhibit. Please follow me."

Finally, they were going to see the main show; everyone was excited. Lin Jing smiled, waiting to see what kind of tricks they could still pull.

Actually, even if Ou Yang Family brought up their whole collection to put on display, Lin Jing probably wouldn\'t call it a showcase without peers. That was, after all, an extraordinary description. Therefore, in a way, Xi Empire had dug his own grave.

Bearing such hope, Lin Jing and the rest followed Ou Yang Qin to the third and last exhibition hall.

The hall was situated at the second floor of the museum and was several hundred meters wide. The armed guards pulled out the grand door and blinding rays of light flooded out from within…

All the guests shielded their eyes from the glare. After they walked in, they saw the innumerable jewelry on display within.

Along the two walls of the hall were a myriad of jewelry. There were two rows of displays, each about several tens of meters long and several meters wide.

In other words, the jewelry piled up in the display cases like gold and silver mounts. The collection of this jewelry was responsible for the harsh glare earlier. When they walked in, they felt like they were standing in between two treasure mounts.

Everyone was flabbergasted by this arrangement. Even the reporters had forgotten to take pictures.