Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 558: Jewelry Showcase

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Chapter 558: Jewelry Showcase

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Therefore, her only use became a tool to divert the investigation away from the Lin family. With Xi Mubai out of the picture, their plan was restarted. If they had known Mubai was the first domino, they would have gone after him much sooner. Then again, better late than never.

Lin Xuan and Lin Jing thought Xi Empire was already in their bag and Lin Jing took her team to City T on a mission to deliver the final blow to the Xi family. Little did she know she would be the one being face-slapped the hardest.

The jewelry showcase was held at City T\'s museum. The showcase was only for one day and attendance was limited to those invited only. However, the guest list was long. Xinghe invited almost all of the country\'s jewelers, celebrities, and media.

Lin Jing and her team arrived at the museum early. However, when the entered the museum, the place was already full. When the other jewelers saw her, they moved towards her like moths to a flame.

Lin Jing was the star of the party, and this greatly boosted her ego. Her face was shining with confidence. Even the media couldn\'t stop taking pictures of her. She was a successful businesswoman, and more than that, she was young and pretty: a natural eye catcher.

Escorted by everyone, Lin Jing strode through the entire showcase.

"That\'s all for the Xi Empire\'s jewelry showcase?" Lin Jing asked after making a round of the venue, her voice dripping with derision. The items on display were too rubbish for her!

Some jewelry was worth something, but be it quantity or quality, it couldn\'t be called a peerless showcase. In fact, probably a small jeweler could come up with a showcase like this.

Of course, Lin Jing knew Xi Empire would prepare more than this, but she couldn\'t help poking fun at her enemy.

"CEO Lin, I hear this is just the basic display. The main exhibit will be revealed later," a jeweler pandered.

"These are indeed basic, worse than the ones sold at my Bao Hwa\'s flagship shop," Lin Jing joked but her intention to deride was not lost on the crowd. "But I\'m sure Xi Empire will not disappoint us."

"But of course, however, I still don\'t think they will be able to compete with CEO Lin\'s Bao Hwa."

"That\'s right, Xi Empire might have the market cornered in other industries, but in terms of jewelry, no one can beat Bao Hwa."

"I hear CEO Lin\'s Bao Hwa is worth tens of billions in assets."

"That\'s the magazine being too kind to us," Lin Jing said humbly, but her nose would reach the ceiling if she was flattered some more.

Another round of ass kissing had started again but Lin Jing had no time to entertain these people anymore.

"Where is the host? How come I don\'t see anyone from the Xi family?" she enquired.

As she said so, a large man walked to her and smiled. "Miss Lin, nice to meet you, I\'m one of the hosts for this showcase. You can direct your question to me if you have any."

Lin Jing was astonished. "Mr. Ou Yang, why are you here?"

Everyone else was shocked as well. This was another jeweler from City A, Ou Yang Qin. Why is he here? And he said he\'s one of the hosts‽

What exactly happened… wasn\'t this showcase Xi Empire\'s idea? When did he become a part of it?

The most important point was they had not even heard about the rumors of this happening.