Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 557: Overconfidence

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Chapter 557: Overconfidence

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Lin Jing looked at them like they were her subjects and she was their queen. After all, she was responsible for everything. Without her, this group of people wouldn\'t have anything.

However, this time, they had no clue she didn\'t intend to share the profit with them; Xi Empire would only go to the Lin family and she would be the most powerful woman in the world!

One would think that she would come up with a better life goal, but alas, that was all she ever wanted: power and money…

Xi Empire\'s reputation was indeed hit after they stopped purchasing Bao Hwa\'s stocks. The rumors started flying that Xi Empire was going bankrupt. Even the government got interested, since, if Xi Empire were to really fall, it could create a shockwave that disrupt the entire country\'s economy.

However, the matters of PR were handled by Jiangsan and his crew. They left Xinghe out of it because she needed to focus on preparing the upcoming showcase.

Xinghe, with Ali\'s aid, was busy with the preparations; she didn\'t have time for anything else.

Lin Jing took this opening to slam Xi Empire. She purchased even more of Xi Empire\'s shares and even managed to make Xi Empire\'s reputation worse causing the company\'s stock to fall. In just a short period of time, she managed to force Xi Empire into the worst situation it had ever been in.

However, after being told Xinghe\'s plan, Jiangsan laughed self-assuredly watching this unfold. He rested comfortably in the knowledge that their enemy was going to get the face slap of the century!

With all these forces fighting, Xi Empire\'s jewelry showcase was going to begin!

Xinghe sent invitations to all the famous and influential jewelers. Of course, she didn\'t miss Bao Hwa. Bao Hwa\'s people would probably have gone even without being invited; how could they miss out on such a good opportunity to taunt Xi Empire?

Lin Jing had decided to go flaunt her victory. Recently, the public thought that Bao Hwa really was going to swallow Xi Empire, so they all crowded around her, trying to get in her good graces. Her head had gotten so big it was unbelievable.

Furthermore, she had to go to highlight Xi Empire\'s failure.

Before Lin Jing left for City T, she called Lin Xuan for a discussion. Lin Jing had outdone herself, so Lin Xuan was greatly satisfied.

He laid lazily on the sofa and said, "Xi Empire recently stopped counter-attacking; it looks like they are already on their death bed. You must go to this showcase to stress our dominance and deliver the final blow."

Lin Jing smirked. "Brother, Xi Empire is finally going to be ours."

"The Xi family is sitting on such wealth; it\'s only fair that they share it with us. After all, they wouldn\'t have the life to enjoy it anyway," Lin Xuan said with a smile, but there was endless ruthlessness in the depth of his eyes.

He was a heartless character. He would do anything to achieve his goals. This could be observed from how easily he killed Lin Yun simply because he believed she would implicate the Lin family.

He had been salivating over the Xi family\'s wealth for a long time, so of course they wouldn\'t hold back.

This pair of siblings was used to having the world handed to them on a silver platter, so they were beyond conceited.

Actually, their plan to take down Xi Empire had started a long time ago.

Initially they wanted Lin Yun to ingratiate herself to them, and if the Xi family was willing to give up half of their assets then they would consider letting them be.

However, since that failed, the plan changed to framing. If the Xi Family had been branded as criminals, they wouldn\'t have had to use the current method to swallow Xi Empire. Alas, that plan had also failed because of Lin Yun\'s incapability.