Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 555: Mommy Also Has to Stay Safe

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Chapter 555: Mommy Also Has to Stay Safe

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Haoran stared at her back with complicated emotions. He was startled by the sharpness in her eyes. He didn\'t think such a hatred filled gaze would come from a woman like her. He swore he saw death in them. There was thus a question in Haoran\'s mind, Why does she hate Bao Hwa so much?

Xinghe\'s next step to swallow Bao Hwa was to open a grand jewelry showcase. This plan confused quite a bit of people. How would opening a jewelry showcase help swallow Bao Hwa? It made no sense.

No one could understand her plan. Even Grandfather Xi asked Xinghe to see him at his study. They had an hour-long meeting inside the study. Grandfather Xi was given the full version of her plan.

He nodded. "Then carry on with your plan. No matter what you plan to do in the future know that you have the Xi family\'s support."

"Thank you."

"There\'s no need for thanks." Grandfather Xi sighed. "Everything you did is for Mubai and the Xi family\'s benefit. It should be us thanking you."

"Mubai sacrificed himself to save me."

So, she was compelled to do all this.

"Under those circumstances, his instincts would\'ve kicked in, but he went against a human\'s instinct for survival. Therefore, it was his voluntary choice to save you."

Xinghe\'s eyes shuddered. Even if it was voluntary, she didn\'t want it. She\'d rather he be safe, and it was she who died.

"Xinghe, no matter what, after so many things, I\'m sure there\'s a relationship between you and Mubai. Furthermore, there\'s Lin Lin to consider. Therefore, from now on, you\'re one of us, so don\'t shoulder all the responsibility for revenge, share the burden with us."

Xinghe nodded. "I will."

"Good, then I won\'t take any more of your time. Come to me if you need help."

"Okay." After Xinghe left the study, she noticed a small shadow by the staircase.

The little fella\'s innocent eyes were open wide, staring ahead blankly. His long lashes flitted up and down occasionally, like a feather, it caressed Xinghe\'s heart. Xinghe could feel herself soften.

As if sensing she had left the study, Lin Lin focused his gaze on her and rushed over.

He raised his head to look up at her and asked with unwillingness, "Mommy, you\'re leaving already?"

Xinghe squatted down to meet his eyes. She realized his frame had gotten smaller. He had lost weight.

Instead of answering him, Xinghe told him firmly, "Lin Lin, your father will be fine."

Lin Lin\'s eyes started to get watery. He tried his best to hold his eyes in and said, "I want to see him."

"After some time, I\'ll bring you to see him."

"Mommy, you also have to be careful and stay safe."

"I will." Xinghe pulled him in for a hug, afraid that he would see the sadness in her eyes. Lin Lin hugged her back. He felt immediately comforted.

Caught in her motherly embrace, Lin Lin felt his earlier anxiety melt away. The mother and son remained in their embrace for quite some time before Lin Lin fell asleep, cradled in his mother\'s arms. Xinghe left the place after putting him into bed.

Before leaving, Xinghe caressed her son\'s little face and it gave her the determination to fight the good fight. For the sake of Mubai, Lin Lin, and herself, she would continue on this difficult path fearlessly!