Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 554: Bao Hwa Is Just the Beginning

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Chapter 554: Bao Hwa Is Just the Beginning

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Other people were curious as well. What was her next step?

Xinghe turned to face their quizzical gaze and announced, "To lead Xi Empire to enter the jewelry industry."

"What?" The room was astonished. Is she serious? We\'re an internet company!

Xi Empire might have many different products, but their main focus had always been computers and online businesses.

"Xinghe, what are you planning actually?" Jiangsan asked with a frown.

Xinghe was confused, hadn\'t she been extremely clear from the very beginning? She answered naturally, "To swallow Bao Hwa."

"Bao Hwa is the kingpin in the jewelry business. If you want to compete with them with our own jewelry product, that is impossible," Jiangsan patiently explained to her. "Even though Xi Empire has our own jewelry brand, the scale is small. We can barely qualify as a middle-tier luxury item. Our stuff compared to Bao Hwa\'s is still a distance away."

"I know." Xinghe nodded. "That\'s why I will focus on refining Xi Empire\'s jewelry first. Regarding this I\'ve come up with a proposal. I will send everyone the proposal document later, so everyone please follow the plan closely."

Someone tried to give his opinion.

"But, Miss Xia…"

Xinghe stood up and interrupted him, "I know what I\'m doing. If I could explain to you I would, but there are ears behind these walls, so I cannot reveal anything yet. I\'m sorry, but please be patient for a while longer."

After that, Xinghe turned to leave. She was always like this, aloof and didn\'t care to explain herself. Even though the workers wanted to cooperate with her, they still had no idea what her real plan was.

Her mission was to save Xi Empire, but she seemed hell bent on swallowing Bao Hwa. Didn\'t that just make things a lot more complicated?

Haoran couldn\'t help himself and chased after her and cornered her in the corridor.

"Miss Xia, there are certain things I have to say. Are you really serious about saving Xi Empire because you have not given us a usable tactic? All your plans are aimed at consuming Bao Hwa. Granted, that is one of the way to save Xi Empire, but that only creates another problem because Bao Hwa is not that easily swallowed. In a way, you\'ve only created another problem for Xi Empire while the company is already dealing with a problem of its own. Don\'t you realize you\'re only creating more issues?"

The dissatisfactions that Haoran had kept bottled up during this period poured out of him. However, Xinghe was unfazed. She stood quietly listening to him.

After she realized he had finished, she asked, "Is there anything else you want to tell me?"

Against her nonchalant attitude, Haoran felt like he was punching a cotton ball; it was pointless.

"I just have one question for you, are you confident that you can save Xi Empire‽"

"I am," Xinghe answered with unwavering confidence.

This caught Haoran by surprise, he thought she would brush him off. Xinghe\'s clear pair of eyes stared at him and repeated, "I do, is that enough?"

"Then what\'s your plan?"

"To swallow Bao Hwa."

"You…" Haoran sighed in defeat. "That is impossible!"

Xinghe\'s eyes suddenly sharpened. "Nothing is impossible, and Bao Hwa is just the beginning!"

Then she walked away calmly.