Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 553: Stopping the Competition

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Chapter 553: Stopping the Competition

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As usual, the public bought into this kind of baseless rumor. If Xi Empire didn\'t dare to double the price, then it meant that they were really dying. Furthermore, Xi Empire must have lost a lot in this competition. Therefore, if they didn\'t fight back, they would lose their will to fight, thus accelerating their decline.

Lin Jing was waiting for that moment when the Xi family lost their desire to fight back. Even the proudest lion, after losing its will, could be taken out easily. Without Xi Mubai, the Xi family had already lost its claws; Lin Jing was now grinding out their will. Lin Jing firmly believed that she would be the eventual victor in this crazy gamble!

Little did she know that Xi Empire was not led by Mubai\'s father but Xinghe, a woman whose will couldn\'t be extinguished. Lin Jing had miscalculated one thing, which was Xinghe wouldn\'t fight a war that she had no confidence in winning.

"Not bad, finally they found their guts." Xinghe studied the data on her computer and smiled satisfactorily. That woman, Lin Jing, definitely didn\'t disappoint her; she knew Lin Jing would do something huge and she did.

Xinghe was in a meeting at the Xi Empire building. When the department leaders heard her, they started to get antsy.

Someone couldn\'t help but advise her, "Miss Xia, you cannot increase the price anymore, continuing this competition with them is not beneficial to us!"

Then opinions started to fly.

"That\'s right. It\'s obvious that they are planning to fight us to the bitter end. We might have the money, but we cannot waste it like this."

"Miss Xia, only an idiot would waste money on bad investment," Haoran said meaningfully. He was the most against Xinghe out of everyone there. He was a cautious person and so was averse to Xinghe\'s brazen ways of doing things.

It was not that he had any beef with Xinghe personally, but it was just that he didn\'t wish for Xi Empire to be ruined by her hands. If Xinghe wanted to increase the purchasing price again, he would fight her with tooth and nail. Even Jiangsan felt this couldn\'t continue anymore.

"Xinghe, what\'s your plan? If it\'s to continue this endless competition, you might need a better plan," he advised her in a whisper.

Xinghe nodded. "I understand. Don\'t worry, I will not hike up the price anymore."

They were shocked that she was so persuadable this time. At that moment, their impression of her improved slightly.

"Miss Xia, it\'s good that you finally see the light. But if we stop at this juncture, wouldn\'t this negatively influence our image?"

"That\'s right, the public will think we\'re really an arrow at the end of its flight."

"That\'s why I said to not commit to this plan in the beginning." Haoran frowned severely like an old-fashioned teacher lecturing his student.

Xinghe smiled. "Stopping the competition now will definitely lead to some negative publicity, but it will be temporary. Plus, don\'t you worry, because we\'ll not lose anything."

Jiangsan laughed. "Xinghe is right. Bao Hwa has done us a favor by raising our stock price. Thanks to them, our stocks are at an all-time high. A slight fall will do us no harm."

Of course, they had also helped Bao Hwa with their stock prices.

Regardless, they still had no idea what Xinghe was up to.

"Miss Xia, then what is the next step of your plan?" someone asked.