Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 552: Finally Beat Xi Empire

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Chapter 552: Finally Beat Xi Empire

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Her decisions had always been risky, but they never failed. If not for her willingness to take risks, Bao Hwa wouldn\'t have risen to its current position. The shareholders were used to her way of doing things.

However, this time the risk was too high, therefore, there was hesitation. Lin Jing naturally could read their hesitation.

She advised, "This is the best time for us to strike. With Xi Mubai out of the way, the Xi family will have no time to guard against our attack. If not now, when are we going to do this?"

"CEO Lin, this is too big of a gamble, plus we don\'t even have fifty percent guarantee…"

Lin Jing\'s red lips curved into a smile. "With great risk comes great reward! Don\'t forget how we accrued our current wealth! It was through one great risk after another!"

Lin Jing stood up and slammed her palms on the table for emphasis. "If this operation succeeds, the whole world will be ours. The world only favors the rich, so tell me, do you want to be one the favored side or not?"

All the shareholders were like children swept by her incendiary words. Of course they wanted to stand on top of the societal pyramid. This bunch of shareholders had followed Lin Jing for so long simply because they were ambitious people. That was why they agreed with Lin Jing\'s decision to swallow Xi Empire in the first place.

Now with additional prodding from Lin Jing, they had lost the last few shreds of rationality they still retained. If a woman wasn\'t afraid, then how could they be afraid?

Furthermore, they believed in her; they had faith that she would really help them win the entire world.

"CEO Lin, I support you!" one of the shareholders shouted excitedly and this was immediately echoed by others. "I too support you!"

"And me!"

"CEO Lin, all of us support you!"

Lin Jing smiled satisfactorily. "Very good, I\'m glad that all of you can see the bigger picture. I, Lin Jing, will not disappoint. Xi Empire will be ours!"

The room of shareholders cheered. This reminded them of when they\'d first started out. Every decision they made was a giant risk and the sensation of walking between life and death was exhilarating.

However, the greatest joy came after their victory. Therefore, this time they too believed that things would go the same way, that victory would be theirs eventually.

Furthermore, Lin Jing was more than a risk taker; she was a careful risk taker. Even with the shareholders full support, she didn\'t liquefy Bao Hwa\'s asset, instead she did a fund-raiser.

She received a mysterious donation of fifty million in two days.

After this news was released, Bao Hwa launched its attack and raised Xi Empire\'s stocks price yet again!

However, this time instead of matching Xi Empire\'s five times the price, they increased it to six times the price!

After so many crazy wars, Bao Hwa finally captured their first win against Xi Empire. If Xi Empire wanted to beat them, they would have to double the price again. However, if they really did that, the numbers would be astronomical. It would attract the attention of Ministry of Economy which would put a stop to the craziness.

The ball was now in Xi Empire\'s court. If they didn\'t dare to double the price, then death was waiting for them!

Of course, Lin Jing also contacted the media to spread rumors that Xi Empire was going downhill.