Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 547: Protect His Kingdom

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Chapter 547: Protect His Kingdom

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This stunned everyone once more.

"Swallow Bao Hwa?"

"Miss Xia, do you have any idea what you\'re talking about? How can you just swallow a company as big as Bao Hwa?"

"Miss Xia, we know you want to resolve the company\'s issues, but this will not work."

"Even CEO Xi wouldn\'t dare to say something like swallow Bao Hwa. Bao Hwa is such an influential company, this is not something that can be done in a short period of time."

"That\'s right, the company is facing its critical period, we don\'t have the energy to swallow another company, much less Bao Hwa."

The serious Haoran demanded, "Miss Xia, is this your solution? Because Bao Hwa started to aggressively buy up our shares, we\'re doing the same back to them?"

Xinghe nodded calmly. "That\'s right."

"You\'re taking this too lightly!" Haoran tried his best to suppress his anger. "How can your thinking be so linear?"

Others nodded in agreement. They thought Xinghe was joking. Saying her thoughts were linear was already giving her face. They thought she was dumb, absolutely idiotic. Xinghe knew this would be their reaction.

"I would not do this without a hundred percent confidence."

As expected, the moment she said so, she was rebutted.

"Where does your confidence come from?"

"You\'ve just taken over the company; you have no idea how anything works, so where does your confidence come from?"

"CEO Xi, it\'s not that we don\'t believe in your eyes, but she really doesn\'t have the capability to lead this company."

Jiangsan also didn\'t think Xinghe would be so naïve. But he knew deep down that she wasn\'t like that. She was crucial to helping Xi Family weather one struggle after another.

Is it as they say that this woman is naïve? But would father have someone naïve come to help the company?

Jiangsan asked Xinghe prudently, "Xinghe, what is your larger plan? Why don\'t you tell us the entirety of your plan and we\'ll discuss it together?"

"I can\'t, the time is not yet ripe," Xinghe replied softly. "I hope that you will assist me in my plan. The only thing I can promise is that even if I die, I will help protect his blood, sweat, and tears!"

Jiangsan\'s eyes shuddered. The others quieted down as well. They found Xinghe\'s promise to be touching and sad.

Being reminded of his son\'s situation brought a sad frown to Jiangsan\'s face.

If Mubai were here, what would he do? He would trust Xinghe unconditionally.

Even though Mubai had his ways of doing things, he was still his son. Jiangsan knew his thought process well, therefore, he knew Mubai would support Xinghe no matter what. After all, he was willing to sacrifice himself to save her.

However, he was gone, there was no one to support her anymore. In that case, he would represent his son to pass on his wish and desire.

Jiangsan raised his head and announced with determination, "We will follow Xinghe\'s arrangements and orders. From now on, she will be responsible for the running of the company. I will bear all responsibility."

What‽ Everyone in the room looked at him with absolute surprise. Xinghe, too, was shocked; she didn\'t expect support from Mr. Xi.

Jiangsan continued with authority, "Do not choose the one you don\'t trust; trust the one you chose. I hope all of you remember that what we need now to overcome this trial is unity and trust!"

After Jiangsan said so, there was no one that dared to object anymore.