Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 546: The Beginning of the Revenge

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Chapter 546: The Beginning of the Revenge

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Investment… Now Xinghe understood what happened; this was the investment Mubai gave to help Philip win the presidency. Xinghe thought he had already planned his return. No wonder he was called a business genius; he would never commit to an unfair trade. His only failed trade was with her, where he lost his life.

"Of course, Philip said this was to repay you as well. It\'s a present to you he said, so you must accept it."

"So, this is the present he was talking about." Xinghe sighed. She thought he was joking about the whole stepsibling thing, but he really was looking out for her. She would respond in kind in the future.

Furthermore, her initial plan was to discuss the diamond deal with Philip, but he already made it before she did. The timing was perfect because she could now officially begin her plan.

"Alright, help me thank him for this. I will not disappoint him, this will be a win-win trade," Xinghe said confidently.

Ali and the rest were happy for her, but their mood drastically dropped after a second or two.

"Xinghe, how is Mr. Xi doing? Is he recovering right?" Ali asked anxiously. Sam and the rest looked at her with concern in her eyes.

Xinghe shook her head weakly. "No, he\'s not doing so well."

"He\'ll be fine," Ali pulled her in for a hug and consoled her.

Xinghe nodded. "I know."

"Is it really that Feng Saohuang\'s doing?" Sam asked severely. The news released to the public was that Saohuang was the culprit. No one would suspect the Lin family because it was impossible due to Lin Yun\'s presence.

Xinghe scoffed. "It wasn\'t him but someone else."

"Who is it then?" Ali asked angrily, "We\'ll help you kill them!"

"You can choose the way they die," Wolf who hadn\'t said anything opened his mouth to say.

Sam hissed, "They almost caused your death; we have to repay their kindness somehow."

"Xinghe, give us their name and we will take care of it for you," Cairn added. Xinghe felt touched hearing them say that. She didn\'t regret meeting this group of friends; they would always be on her side. But she would never make use of them.

"Killing them is not that hard, but I won\'t dirty your hands. Furthermore, I\'m not targeting their lives. Don\'t worry, none of them are going to get away." A flash of burning vengeance lit up Xinghe\'s eyes. "None of them will escape."

She would let the Lin family know the meaning of hell! They would have to pay for what they did. She would do everything in her power to crush them.

Since the plan was ready, Xinghe didn\'t waste any more time. With Ali and the rest\'s help, her revenge plot was given a kick-start.

Xinghe made a decision that day, she would buy Bao Hwa\'s shares with triple the market price.

This decision shocked everyone, including Mr. Xi.

"Xinghe, why would you make this decision?" Jiangsan asked her with obvious disbelief.

Others stared at her like she was a monster. Does she know what she\'s talking about? Use three times the market price to buy Bao Hwa\'s shares? Is she crazy?

Xinghe answered seriously, "Because I want to swallow the entire Bao Hwa."