Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 545: Mr. Xi's Investment's Return

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Chapter 545: Mr. Xi\'s Investment\'s Return

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"Thankfully, it ended well for Charlie. Philip was impressed by his character and now he is head of security for the president," Ali concluded happily.

Xia Zhi who had been eavesdropping with interest yelped suddenly, "The Philip you guys have been talking about is Country Y\'s new president?"

Sam and the rest nodded naturally. "That\'s right."

"Wow, you all know the president. Does this mean my sister knows the president as well?" Xia Zhi turned to look at Xinghe, his eyes dancing with disbelief.

Ali giggled. "Xinghe not only knows Philip, he even took her as his step sister."

"What‽" Xia Zhi was stunned. What sister, how come I\'ve not heard anything about this?

"Sis, are they for real?"

Xinghe nodded nonchalantly. "It\'s true; I didn\'t bring it up because I don\'t think it was important."

Xia Zhi grumbled as if slighted, "It\'s very important, okay? How could you hide the fact that I\'m Philip\'s younger brother for so long‽"

Xinghe, Ali, Sam, Wolf, and Cairn had difficulty following his train of thought. When did you become Philip\'s younger brother?

Facing their confused looks, Xia Zhi sighed as if worried about their intelligence, "If my sister is Philip\'s sister, I\'m Philip\'s brother, right?"

His logic weirdly made sense.

"Wow, I\'m the president\'s little brother; I have to tell dad this good news!" With that, Xia Zhi rushed out of the room.

Sam blinked. "Xinghe, your brother sure is… unique." Ali and the rest nodded in agreement.

Xinghe was speechless. This brother of hers sure had his funny moments. After more greetings, Sam finally decided to discuss their real purpose for being there with Xinghe.

"Come join me in the study." Xinghe stood up and led them upstairs.

After they entered the study, they stopped being so giddy and started to get serious. They were afraid they would spook Xia Zhi, so they had been suppressing their dangerous presence.

Now, they looked like they had when they were in Country Y. Their gazes were sharp and threatening. It was a unique presence cultivated from being raised in a war-torn country.

Xinghe preferred this side of her friends because it had something visceral to it.

"Xinghe, actually we\'re here at Philip\'s behest," Sam said in a low growl.

"His order?" Xinghe was confused.

Cairn nodded. "He wanted us to come protect you and we\'re here on a mission."

"Which is to get your cooperation."

"What kind of cooperation?" Xinghe was even more confused.

Ali smiled thinly. "It might be cooperation but actually it\'s to repay your favor. Do you know what Country Y\'s famous export is?"

Xinghe knew that; the whole world probably knew that. "Diamonds."

"That\'s right, sixty percent of the world\'s diamond came from Country Y. Philip mentioned Mr. Xi wished to sign a diamond mining contract with Country Y and Philip agreed. So, he sent us over to get you the contract, if you want, you can sign it now. Regarding the import of diamond from Country Y to Hwa Xia, you\'ll be the general agent, thus controlling the whole diamond market in this country."

Xinghe was shocked. "That was what Philip said?"

Ali nodded. "Yes, he said this was Mr. Xi\'s investment\'s return."