Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 544: Pink Diamond

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Chapter 544: Pink Diamond

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After he sent the security guards away with much apology, Xia Zhi turned around to see the so-called assassins crowding around his sister happily.

"Xinghe, long time no see. I\'ve missed you so." Ali looked at her with joy in her eyes, like two old friends meeting after a long time away from each other.

"All of us missed you dearly," Sam added. Wolf was silent, but one could see the smile dancing in his eyes. The blond-haired Cairn though stood to the corner and smiled shyly.

The excitement in their hearts after meeting Xinghe after a month was indescribable. They might have not known each other for a long time, but that relationship that survived many memorable moments would forever be seared in their hearts. Xinghe felt the same way.

She had lost the feeling of happiness for quite some time, but today, she gave a rare smile. "Why are you all here?"

Sam dropped his shoulder bag to the floor and leaned lazily into the sofa. "Things with Charlie have been solved, and we have nothing else on our hands, so we decided to fulfil our promise and come visit you."

Ali had many things to tell Xinghe when Sam brought that up. "Xinghe, do you know, it turns out the reason behind Charlie\'s incarceration was due to his millionaire patron? Long story short, one day while Charlie was escorting his boss back home, they were ambushed. The boss was kidnapped but Charlie left unscathed. Therefore, the cops suspected he was behind the kidnapping, the reason was he wanted to get the pink diamond that his boss kept on him at all times that was worth several billion dollars. Charlie was the only one who knew his boss had the thing on him, so Charlie had no means to clear his name. He was thus sent into jail for several years. After he was released, he met us and took us under his tutelage.

"However, he didn\'t give up searching for his old boss\' location. Somehow Barron found out about his past and also suspected that Charlie had taken the pink diamond for himself. That was why he captured him and interrogated him: to get the location of the pink diamond.

"Charlie really was unlucky because he really didn\'t know where the diamond was. He was tortured for no reason at all. Thankfully, after Philip became president, Charlie came to him for help and finally the truth was revealed. Do you know what really happened?"

Ali looked at her excitedly. Xinghe shook her head. "I have no clue."

"The culprit was his wife!" Ali said with disbelief. "His wife also knew about the pink diamond and, to get it from him, she hired some party to kill her husband and shift the blame onto Charlie. This kind of woman sure is scary, wouldn\'t you agree? She already shared the diamond with her husband, but to make it her own, she had someone murder her husband; that\'s crazy."

Sam chimed in with his opinion, "This goes to show how fragile their relationship was. After all, the pink diamond was not their shared asset."

"But according to that woman, she just felt that the pink diamond was too pretty to be left in any hands other than her own…" As if Ali was conjuring up the face of the woman when she said those crazy things, Ali shivered uncontrollably.

Xinghe didn\'t know what to say so she asked, "Where\'s the pink diamond now?"

Ali said with unhindered joy, "The woman has no children and the millionaire had no close relative, so the thing now belongs to the country."

Cairn concluded with a smile, "The woman did all that for the diamond, but poor ol\' Charlie had to suffer because of her hysteria."