Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 543: Three Guys and One Girl Outside the Door

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Chapter 543: Three Guys and One Girl Outside the Door

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"They\'re trying to gobble up the Xi family\'s assets," Xinghe concluded coldly. This was what Saohuang had told her. According to him, the Lin family\'s purpose was to take over the Xi family\'s incredible wealth.

Xia Zhi scoffed with derision, "They want to swallow the Xi family? Clearly they\'ve bitten off more than they could chew."

"They\'re courting death," Xinghe said with intense hatred reading the name Lin Jing on screen.

"That\'s right! Sis, you must show them how foolish they are for coming after us; destroy them and keep no prisoners!" Xia Zhi cheered with fiery indignation.

From his perspective, his sister was invincible, this enemy would eventually fall like all the rest. When Xinghe was sifting through Bao Hwa\'s records, she familiarized herself with the company\'s situation. A plan hatched in her mind.

With a wicked smile, she said, "They want to swallow Xi Empire? Let\'s see who has the bigger appetite."

"Sis, do you have a plan already?" Xia Zhi asked excitedly.

Xinghe nodded. "Yes, a rough outline of one."

This would the beginning, the beginning of the end of the Lin family.

"Wonderful, it\'s definitely over for them! Sis, I support you!" Xia Zhi continued cheering. Xinghe stared at him with a helpless look in her eyes. She hadn\'t even told him her plan; why did he believe in her so unconditionally?

This little brother had nothing but blind admiration for her.

Xinghe stayed up the whole night to go through all the details and set up her plan.

To her surprise, the day after, three unannounced guests arrived at their house. When they made their arrival known, Xinghe was still in bed so it was Xia Zhi who opened the door.

Xia Zhi looked curiously at the three guys and one girl outside their door and asked, "Who are you looking for?"

The three guys were huge, one was Asian, one half Asian, and the last a blond-haired foreigner. The girl was also Asian.

Xia Zhi had no idea who they were, but he could sense a presence that they shared.

It was the presence of death!

It was the commanding presence of professional killers!

Xia Zhi was prone to wild imagination so right at that moment, the first thought that went into his mind was: These are assassins from Lin Family!

After all, Lin Xuan had the audacity to blow up his cousin, what was an assassination?

Therefore, these few people must be there to kill them!

"We…" The woman opened her mouth to speak as Xia Zhi slammed the door and locked it. Then, he flew upstairs in a hurry.

He barged into Xinghe\'s room, screaming bloody murder. "Sis, this is bad, quick call the cops!"

Xinghe frowned as she rubbed her bleary eyes. "What\'s happening?"

Xia Zhi was at the verge of tears. "There are assassins downstairs; the Lin family hired assassins! What should we do? It\'s too late to call for the cops now. Let\'s start screaming and hopefully get some people\'s attention and maybe that\'ll scare them away."

Xia Zhi immediately rushed to the open window and leaned out to yell, "Help, we have murderers here, help us—"

Xinghe was stunned and anxious. The Lin family really set assassins on us? But this is broad daylight…

At the same, the group of individuals who just had a door slammed in their face were also shocked when they heard Xia Zhi\'s screams. The four looked at one another, with the same question on their mind. Is he talking about us?