Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 541: Choose to Believe me

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Chapter 541: Choose to Believe me

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However, at a difficult time like this, he wanted to lend his aid to the Xi family. He was Mubai\'s friend, so he was also sad after he heard about Mubai\'s accident. The only thing he could do now was to help him secure his business empire.

Of course, Junting also knew Xinghe. He was her fan after the Hacker Competition from the year before.

Xinghe nodded at him for old time\'s sake before telling them, "Take a seat, I need all of you to bring me up to speed on the company\'s latest developments. Also, from now on, I will take over the company on Mubai\'s behalf, hopefully we can work together well."

They had heard about Xinghe before they arrived. They knew how she shut down her competition at Hacker Competition and that she had her own company. Her company, with the sole product of Manager X alone, had racked in tons of revenue.

Furthermore, her software was irreplaceable on the market because there was nothing better. They also knew about her other identity, which was Xi Mubai\'s ex-wife and Lin Lin\'s mother. They even knew they had plans to remarry.

Therefore, they had no issue when the Xi family decided to hand the company over to her. However, other than Junting, the rest still had doubts regarding her ability.

"Miss Xia, can you really lead a company?" a bespectacled man by the name of Jiang Haoran asked cautiously. The rest didn\'t say another word, waiting to hear her answer.

Xinghe nodded calmly. "I have confidence I can or else I wouldn\'t have accepted this request."

"But you have no managing experience, even your own company is managed by Xiao Mo." Haoran had definitely done his homework.

"Must one be good at managing to save a dying company? There are people from the Xi family and experienced workers like all of you to handle the management. My role is only to provide business tactics. I know all of you have doubts about my skills, but don\'t worry, results speak louder than words. Plus, you have no choice but to believe me," Xinghe uttered with some pride. However, that was probably because everything she said was the truth. If there was not even basic trust between them, how could they overcome this hurdle together?

Junting nodded in agreement. "That\'s right, we can only trust Miss Xia now. Furthermore, since the Xi family trusts her, this means that she is truly capable. We need to cooperate with her because it is only through unity that we\'ll be able to survive this predicament."

After what Junting said, no one had any more comments. They chose to cooperate.

Xinghe knew he was helping her and remembered his kindness in her heart. Even Xia Zhi who walked in to serve them coffee heard Junting and, while no one was looking, gave him a big thumbs up. Senior, well done!

Junting also smiled knowingly at him in return. After the coffee was served, Xia Zhi excused himself; he didn\'t want to disturb them anymore.

With Junting leading the way, all of them started to bring her up to speed on the latest developments.

Xinghe concluded after everyone had their say, "The main issue is Bao Hwa. It is because they are purchasing the shares that things have become so serious."

Junting nodded. "That\'s right. This Bao Hwa is a big company in City A; it has a registered IPO as well. Therefore, they have the assets to do what they have done. However, they have nothing to do with the online business. I believe this purchasing of our shares is to help themselves pave the way to enter the online business."

After all, the internet was a highly profitable new industry; many companies were trying to get piece of the pie.