Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 540: Let Xinghe Handle This

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Chapter 540: Let Xinghe Handle This

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In just a few days\' time, those shares were all gobbled up. This stirred up a media storm, stating that the Xi family was facing bankruptcy. The business legend in Hwa Xia was closing down!

Xi Empire deteriorated after such rumors. The workers lost their drive to work, a portion even started to prepare to jump ship. They didn\'t wait until the bankruptcy to switch jobs because that would have been too competitive since the whole company would have been let loose. Therefore, they decided to leave earlier. The first wave of deserters caused a ripple of anxiety across the company.

Mubai\'s accident had already caused a big blow to his father. Plus, he was already past retiring age, so he felt swamped suddenly throwing himself back into the business world. Facing pressure from all sides, the despair within him grew.

It was the same for the Xi family. A stubborn gloom had fallen over them like a veil, stripping them of their smiles.

Problems at the company only added to their stress. This was the product of Mubai\'s painstaking labor, they wouldn\'t be able to face him if the company failed. However, no matter how hard they struggled, things continued to deteriorate.

Watching the slow crumble of the business empire, Jiangsan felt deeply aggrieved. "Is this really the end for our Xi family?"

"Husband, we must power through somehow," Mrs. Xi consoled him. Her son circling the gate of death, and her husband was surfeited with pressure. Mrs. Xi could feel her heart being torn open watching their suffering, but there was nothing a woman like her could do…

During the family meeting, the tired looking Grandfather Xi suddenly announced, "We have to get Xinghe\'s help."

Mr. and Mrs. Xi were dumbfounded.

"Dad, what do you mean by that?" Jiangsan was confused.

Grandfather Xi explained with determination, "I mean to hand the company over to Xinghe! She is more knowledgeable than us when it comes to computers; she might be able to save the company."

Jiangsan retorted, "She might be a skilled computer expert, but that doesn\'t mean she is good at managing a company. It\'s not that I don\'t believe in her, but she has no relevant experience, I\'m afraid it\'ll be too much for her."

"Then, you will help her, plus I believe in her," Grandfather Xi proclaimed. "Call her now and ask for her help. If she is willing to help, we\'re willing to compensate in any way she wishes."

Mr. and Mrs. Xi looked at one another and had decided there and then. They too knew about Xinghe\'s capability, maybe she really could perform a miracle.

"I\'ll call her now." To his surprise, just as he proposed the request and even before he listed the compensation, Xinghe agreed.

"Xinghe, the company is not doing so well currently, it\'s a full of problems. You have to consider this carefully, can your physical condition handle something like this?" Mr. Xi asked with concern.

"I\'ll be fine. Don\'t worry, I\'ll figure out a way."

"Alright, you can come to the company any time. I will support you no matter what."

"Thank you, but for now, I need all the information, as much and as detailed as possible."

"No problem, I will send a few workers to you now."

After he hung up, Mr. Xi immediately called his secretary to his room.

He even had the most loyal, capable, and high-ranking workers go help Xinghe.

Very soon, they arrived at Xinghe\'s house. One of them was Tang Junting. Technically speaking, Junting was not Xi Empire\'s employee but business partner.