Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 539: How Can She Fall Before the Enemy Does

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Chapter 539: How Can She Fall Before the Enemy Does

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"I know it wasn\'t you," Xinghe said directly. This surprised Saohuang, he didn\'t expect her to believe him so easily.

He smiled sinfully. "Why are you so sure?"

"That\'s because I\'ve seen the killer with my own eyes."

"Who was it?"

"Lin Xuan."

Saohuang\'s eyes darkened. So, it was him!

He laughed. "The Lin family sure is something else; every one of them born without a heart."

What he did was definitely heartless!

"How did you know it was him?" Saohuang leaned slightly forward to ask.

Xinghe replied firmly, "My instincts tell me so; I might not have proof, but I know it\'s him."

"You\'ve impressed me again." Saohuang was not stingy with his compliments. "I love how you\'re so direct and straight forward. Xia Xinghe, how come I didn\'t find you earlier?"

Saohuang now had nothing to lose and he might not even evade the death penalty, so he had lost all filter. Plus, he really did admire Xinghe. If they had met under better circumstances, he probably would have pursued her.

Xinghe didn\'t waste time with him. "Do you know who the leader is for IV Syndicate?"

"No idea, if I did, I would have told someone already to bargain for a lighter sentence."

"What does he look like…"

"No idea, I have no information on him because all our dealings were done through a middle man."

Disappointment flashed across Xinghe\'s eyes, another clue gone. She really had no other way to understand more about this Project Galaxy?

"You were here to ask me about this?" Saohuang suddenly asked.


"But why?"

"Knowing too much is not good for you."

Saohuang smiled and switched to another tactic. "How\'s Xi Mubai, is he dead?"

"You\'re still alive so how can he be dead?" Xinghe said softly before turning to leave. Saohuang could feel fury directed at him. Just joking about Mubai\'s death made her so angry…

For some reason, Saohuang found himself envious of Mubai.

Even though all the leads had dried up, Xinghe didn\'t give up. She personally called Philip to search for the IV Syndicate\'s leader. She asked him to call her when he uncovered any new leads.

Philip promised, "We will continue searching for him. I would not let him get away even if you didn\'t ask for it. But why do you want to find him?"

"I have some questions to ask him, you\'ll see."

"Xinghe, how are you holding up?" Philip suddenly asked with concern. After the explosion, it appeared like the world was comforting her. However, Xinghe didn\'t need that; she was not as fragile as they thought. Plus, she would not let herself be fragile, especially at a moment like this. The harder the trial, the stronger she would become.

"I\'m fine."

"That\'s great. By the way, I\'m going to send you a present, you\'ll receive it soon."

What kind of present? Philip didn\'t say and Xinghe didn\'t ask. In fact, she had forgotten about it soon because something else needed her attention.

After Mubai\'s accident, even though Jiangsan had been helping around the company but Xi Empire\'s stock was still affected. Thankfully, the effect was still in manageable range.

However, recently, a large company in City A started buying up large amounts of Xi Empire\'s stocks. A lot of shareholders were afraid that Xi Empire would go bankrupt without Mubai, so they were eager to sell their shares!