Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 538: Saving Mubai

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Chapter 538: Saving Mubai

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"…I\'m not sure, but he should be or else he wouldn\'t have designed the memory cells."

"Where is he?" Xinghe asked again.

Xia Meng shook her head. "This I really don\'t know; he left a long time ago leaving no messages where he was going."

"You know about Project Galaxy, right?"

Xia Meng nodded. "I do, you know about it, too, right?"

"That doesn\'t concern you. How much do you know about it?"

"I\'ve told you everything I know. The only thing I can remember was that my father said he had to leave because of this Project Galaxy. He then left me those two things, telling me to keep good care of them and not hand them over to anyone."

This was similar to what Xinghe\'s mother told her when she left. It looked like Xia Meng really didn\'t know any more than that.

"Is there any way to find your father?"

"I wish there was, but there isn\'t. If there was, I would have left to find him a long time ago," After a long pause, Xia Meng asked hesitantly, "Xinghe, how is Mr. Xi doing?"

Mubai\'s current state couldn\'t be hidden forever. However, for now, the world only knew that he went overseas for treatment and nothing more than that.

"Sorry for disturbing you today. I still have something else to take care of, goodbye."

Xinghe didn\'t answer her question but stood up and left.

Those who knew about Project Galaxy were only a handful: Xia Meng, Ee Chen, Ruobing, Ye Shen, Xinghe, and IV Syndicate.

Xia Meng knew little to nothing, much less Ruobing. Ye Shen was dead and Ee Chen had disappeared. So, the only person Xinghe could rely on was the boss of IV Syndicate.

Her only lead for that was Saohuang. Xinghe not only needed to focus on her revenge but also figure out Project Galaxy because it would lead her to Xia Meng\'s father. She hoped that he could save Mubai. Xinghe knew that chances of her succeeding were slim, but she would not give up on it.

Soon, Xinghe arrived at the detention center. This period had been extremely harsh on Saohuang. His original crime was already big, but now, the bomb case was also pinned on him.

His daily schedule included interrogation, interrogation, and more interrogation. He groaned audibly whenever the guards came into his cell. He was so tired of interrogations that he felt like vomiting whenever he entered that interrogation room.

He thought it would be another grueling session, so he sighed in relief when he saw it was Xinghe. "I thought I\'d lost all kindness towards human beings, but I realize I might still cherish human relationship when I see you."

Xinghe realized the huge change in Saohuang when he said so. Previously, he used to be intensely arrogant and unfeeling like he was above everyone else, but now he had mellowed out. He\'d lost the arrogance and had gained an unhurried attitude to life.

Xinghe didn\'t waste time greeting him since they were still enemies. She told him directly, "I\'m here because I have to ask you something."

"Stop!" Saohuang raised his hands to stop her. "I\'ve said like a million times the bomb is not my doing, I have nothing to do with what happened to you. If that\'s what you\'re here for, I have nothing other than that to say."