Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 536: Waiting for His Revival

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Chapter 536: Waiting for His Revival

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

His life was like a candle in the wind, a small breath could take him out easily. If not for Lu Qi\'s intervention, he would already be dead. Alas, his current condition was not much better than death.

It was difficult for him to recover, but at least his body would be preserved. As long as his physical body didn\'t perish, there was hope for revival. Furthermore, Xinghe had faith in Lu Qi\'s medical skill, he would figure out a way to save him. Even if he couldn\'t, Mubai would stay in this cytostatic state. With the fast advancement in medical science, in the next 10 years, 20 years… eventually, he would be saved.

Looking on the bright side, Mubai had a better chance at recovering than those who froze their bodies during their twilight years. Therefore, they would not give up on hope, praying for the arrival of a miracle. Xinghe was warmed by these thoughts and she felt revitalized temporarily.

Xinghe finally garnered her courage to ask, "How\'s Lin Lin?"

Pain was written on Munan\'s face. "He still doesn\'t have any idea about what\'s really going on. He only knows that Big Brother has suffered some serious injuries. We don\'t have the heart to tell him. He\'s too young to know this; it might influence his growth."

"Okay, what about everyone else?"

"Grandfather is not doing so well, First Uncle and Auntie are devastated but they will not fall so easily," Munan said with confidence. This was the spirit of a powerful family, they would not crumble easily no matter how big the blow, otherwise they wouldn\'t have reached the stage they were at that day.

"Everything will be fine," Xinghe told him in the form of a promise. This was to be her belief for a long stretch of her future. In fact, it was because of this belief that she managed to pull off one legend after another…

Since Xinghe said the killer was Lin Xuan, Munan quickly went to make the report. Even though the police already suspected Lin Xuan, the proof was too hard to find. The explosion had ruined everything, including Lin Yun\'s life.

Furthermore, the police found it hard to believe that Lin Xuan would be so heartless to kill his own cousin. Almost no one believed that Lin Xuan would do that.

After all, Lin Yun didn\'t commit a grave mistake, would Lin Family silence her just because of that?

Furthermore, where would Lin Xuan find a bomb on such short notice?

After all, Lin Xuan had no idea that Mubai and Xinghe would come to block their way.

Therefore, the police\'s main suspect was Feng Saohuang. It was because of Saohuang that Xinghe and Mubai went looking for Lin Yun. The police thought this was his plot all along. His plan was to kill everyone involved with a bomb. His hatred for Mubai and Xinghe was well documented and was angry at Lin Yun because she forced him into assassinating Munan. He had the most motive to set the explosive.

However, one thing remained a mystery. How did Feng Saohuang arrange all that?

He was under constant surveillance and there was no chance for him to set up something so intricate.

In conclusion, the case was shrouded in heavy mystery, making it an unsolved case.

After all, the police worked with evidence; they couldn\'t do anything without evidence. It was different for Xinghe. She worked with her intuition; she wholeheartedly believed in her extrapolation that Lin Xuan was the murderer.

She swore vengeance on those that dared to harm them!