Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 529: We Have the Evidence

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Chapter 529: We Have the Evidence

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"Third brother, it\'s not anyone\'s fault; it\'s just that Feng Saohuang was simply too unlucky. Who could have known that he had secret dealings with IV Syndicate and the organization was just destroyed? It just so happened that the evidence of his crimes was discovered and given to the Xi family, giving them the perfect chance to launch a counter attack. This is all luck\'s fault."

Lin Xuan\'s reserved gaze darkened but its meaning unreadable. "That\'s right, it was too unlucky that IV Syndicate happened to get destroyed…"

"That\'s right, so this is not my fault," Lin Yun said endearingly. "Third brother, you won\'t be mad at me, right?"

Lin Xuan looked at her and smiled. "Of course not."

"Third brother, you\'re the best!" Lin Yun offered up a smile, but her smile was faltering. God, I hope they never find out about that thing or there will be hell to pay!

Suddenly, the driver said, "Third young master, there\'s a car chasing us!"

Lin Xuan narrowed his eyes and he turned back to look together with Lin Yun. Just as the driver had reported, there was a sports car tailing them. Through the wind screen, Lin Yun saw Mubai that was in the driver\'s seat. She yelped, "It\'s Xi Mubai!"

Lin Xuan ordered the driver, "Stop by the side of the road."

"Yes, sir!"

The moment they stopped, Mubai\'s car caught up to them. They all got out of their cars. When Lin Yun saw him and Xinghe, she asked with dissatisfaction, "Why were you two tailing us?"

Xinghe glanced at Lin Xuan before replying coldly, "Why? That is our question for you. Your suspicion hasn\'t been cleared yet, so why are you running away?"

Lin Yun flared up instantly. "What suspicion? Feng Saohuang is Feng Saohuang and I am me. I might know him, but it doesn\'t mean that I was cooperating with him in his illegal activities."

Mubai smiled. "We will know that after you follow us to the police station."

An ominous feeling rose up within Lin Yun.

"Why should I follow you to the station?" she scoffed. "I\'m from the Lin family; I can leave whenever I want, what right do you have to stop me?"

"Naturally, it\'s because we have evidence of your crimes," Xinghe said slowly.

Lin Yun\'s gaze flickered with anxiety, but she hid it well.

"Xia Xinghe, you have to have proof before you go around accusing people. You have something on me? That\'s laughable, what kind of proof?" Lin Yun retorted confidently. She didn\'t believe that Saohuang would sell her out because she thought he still needed the Lin family to save him. After all, Saohuang wouldn\'t be so stupid to hand over his leverage over her and, by extension, the Lin Family to law enforcement.

However, she was too conceited to realize Saohuang\'s crime was too huge for even the Lin family to pardon. Therefore, why would he go threaten the Lin family for no reason? At the end of the day, Saohuang didn\'t trust the Lin family. Pressuring them would only get him assassinated.

Since begging the Lin family would also lead to death, he made the better choice of aligning himself with the more honorable Xi family by handing them Lin Yun\'s criminal evidence. The Xi family might hate him, but at least they would honor a deal.

Lin Yun thought she was so clever but when it came to planning schemes, but she was clearly less able than Feng Saohuang.

Xinghe looked at her and smiled. "What kind of proof? Naturally it is the proof of you collaborating with Feng Saohuang to frame the Xi family! You know what I\'m talking about, right, Miss Lin?"