Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 528: Arrest Her Immediately

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Chapter 528: Arrest Her Immediately

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Unlike most of her opponents, she didn\'t like to resort to murder. Making them pay with a life of misery was better. Death was too good of an ending for them.

"It\'s good that you\'re not angry. Now we will go get Lin Yun\'s proof of criminal activities; it\'s her turn now!" A brutal expression flashed across Xinghe\'s face as she said so. It was time for Lin Yun to pay for her sins.

"Perfect!" Mubai cheered with a smile and asked the driver to step on it. Following Saohuang\'s directions, they soon retrieved a memory card that he\'d kept hidden. Xinghe slotted the card into her phone and realized there was a voice recording within.

It was the recording between Lin Yun and Saohuang. It could attest to the fact that it was Lin Yun who ordered Saohuang to assassinate Munan. In the recording, Lin Yun admitted that it was the Lin family who wanted Munan dead and not Saohuang. The assassination was her idea. Xinghe was surprised that the proof would be so hefty.

Mubai smiled wickedly. "The Lin family has been hounding us non-stop with a fake crime, so now, let\'s see who will crumble and fall!"

Xinghe asked, "Should we call the cops now?"


Mubai immediately called Chief Zhang, but Chief Zhang told him, "Lin Yun? She\'s left the city, she was picked up by the Lin family\'s people a moment ago."

"How long ago?"

"Not long, she is probably still on the road."

"Arrest her immediately, Xi family is suing her!"

"Alright, I will mobilize my men now."

After he hung up, Mubai told Xinghe with a dark expression, "Lin Yun is on the run. We cannot let her run back to City A or it will be out of City T\'s jurisdiction."

Xinghe knew what he meant. The Lin family had powerful influence in City A. If Lin Yun managed to return there, making this stick to her would be extremely difficult. Therefore, they couldn\'t let her escape, they had to charge her while she was still in City T.

"Let\'s go, we\'ll go stop her now!" Mubai came to a decision instantly. Xinghe hopped back into the car after him. The quickest way for Lin Yun to leave City T was to take a plane. Therefore, they needed to block her on the way to the airport.

Proving their point, Chief Zhang called them back to inform them that Lin Yun was indeed heading towards the airport.

The storage facility was close to the airport, so they would arrive before the police.

At that time, Lin Yun still had no clue she was going to be arrested.

Inside the car, she was happily chatting with the man beside her. "Third Brother, why is it you who came to fetch me? When did you return from overseas?"

The man beside Lin Yun was about 28. Despite his age, he emitted a regal aura. His handsome face was almost always decorated with a crooked half-smile, giving him the bad boy appearance.

He was Lin Yun\'s cousin, the third eldest among their generation. His name was Lin Xuan. He was the smartest in the Lin Family, but for some reason, he was also the most difficult to approach.

Lin Yun might have been a spoiled brat but even she didn\'t dare to act out in front of him. Lin Xuan smiled lightly. "I just came back from overseas. I heard you were in some kind of trouble, so since I was on the way home, I decided to drop by to check on you."

Lin Yun felt guilty knowing Saohuang still had something on her. However, she didn\'t dare to bring it up because she knew she would be punished.