Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 526: Avoid the Death Penalty

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Chapter 526: Avoid the Death Penalty

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

She didn\'t mind sharing information about energy crystal with Saohuang because she needed his information as well. She needed to give in order to take. However, the trade wasn\'t in her favor because it turned out Saohuang knew less than she thought.

He said directly, "I don\'t have many questions; I\'m just curious why you two approached Xia Meng. If there is indeed a motive, I\'m pretty sure our target is the same. That thing is very special, but I have no idea what its real usage is, maybe you know."

"What thing?" Xinghe asked.

Saohuang looked at her and laughed. "Are you really that dumb or do you think I\'m that dumb?"

"I can\'t control what you think."

"Xia Xinghe, I\'ve already lost to you, won\'t you tell me the truth as charity?"

Xinghe stared at him and said, "If you want the truth then you have to trade with truths."

Saohuang groaned helplessly, "I\'ve given you everything I know about this thing that I am talking about."

"Fine, then let me ask you, what is this thing you talk about?" Xinghe asked directly. Unlike Saohuang, she had the upper hand in this negotiation. If Saohuang wanted to know the truth, he needed to cooperate with her.

"It\'s a type of black metal, but what kind I have no clue," Saohuang told her. "However, I hear it is very valuable, I\'ve just not come across one before."

"What else do you know about that thing?"

"I know that many different parties are searching for it and know its location. If you want it, then let\'s make a deal."

This was his purpose. He suspected Xinghe knew about the energy crystal and leaked some information to her to test out her knowledge. If he saw Xinghe show comprehension of the topic then he could be certain she was also looking for the energy crystal. Then he could demand for a deal in exchange for the information he had.

"What kind of deal?" Xinghe didn\'t continue this dance with him but cut to the point.

Saohuang shrugged and said, "Help me stay off the death row, that\'s all I ask."

Xinghe raised her brow. "Shouldn\'t you ask the Lin family for that?"

Saohuang chuckled darkly. "I should consider myself lucky that the Lin family hasn\'t had me assassinated."

"You knew that working together with the Lin family was like asking a tiger for his skin. You deserve the fate that you have today."

Saohuang nodded. "I know, which is why I will admit my sins, I will confess everything. I have nothing to request other than avoiding the death penalty."

"You don\'t look like someone who is afraid of death," Xinghe observed acutely.

Saohuang smiled. "Who isn\'t afraid of death? After death, all hope is lost."

"Your crime is too big; the Xi family can\'t do anything. Furthermore, it\'s useless to make this deal with me, you should have gone directly to the Xi family."

She couldn\'t represent Xi Family.

Saohuang shook his head and stared deeply at her. "My instinct tells me, dealing with you is better than with Xi Family. Plus, I will only believe your promise."

"You believe me?" Xinghe felt like laughing. They were on opposing ends, why he believe her?

"That\'s right. Even though we might be enemy, but you\'re worth believing in," Saohuang said seriously, "In fact, if we\'re not enemies, I don\'t mind being your friend."

"I do mind being your friend."

"Well, consider that I\'ve misspoken then," Saohuang smiled lightly. "So, what do you say, do you want this deal?"

Xinghe gave a vague answer, "Like I said, your crime is too big, we can\'t promise you anything."