Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 524: Feng Saohuang Wants to See Her

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Chapter 524: Feng Saohuang Wants to See Her

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She felt indebted to the Xi family, so she wanted to guard it as well. She wouldn\'t allow others to bring the Xi family down.

"Feng Saohuang will be our opening," Xinghe suggested. Mubai hummed slowly before nodding. "You mean to have him sell out the Lin family?"

"That\'s right. Saohuang will have the dirt on Lin Yun. Going through him is our best course of action."

Mubai nodded, agreeing with her analysis.

"But he might not cooperate. He might be banking on the Lin family saving him."

Xinghe chuckled. "No one will be able to save him."

Mubai nodded. Indeed, no one would be able to save Saohuang. One, his crime was too huge. Two, the evidence came from Country Y\'s president, so this is already an international crisis. Three, the Xi family will try their best to punish him. Four, his crime was exposed at the trial. If he was pardoned, it would cause a public riot.

Therefore, no matter from which angle, Saohuang was a dead man. Even if he had leverage on the Lin family, it was useless because the Lin family wasn\'t powerful enough to pardon a sin as big as war crimes.

"Right, we should start with him," Mubai said with determination; he was the key to get to the Lin family.

To everyone\'s surprise, before they reached out towards Saohuang, the next day, he actively demanded to meet Xinghe.

Xinghe was curious. "He wants to meet me?"

But why? There should be nothing to discuss between us.

The officer that came to inform her replied, "That\'s right, he said he will only confess after he talks to you. Miss Xia, why don\'t you go with Mr. Xi Mubai to meet him. If he is willing to confess, it\'ll save everyone a lot of time and trouble."

Some people still found Xinghe and Munan suspicious, if Saohuang was willing to admit that it was he who framed them, then they would be cleared instantly.

Xinghe nodded easily. "Fine, I will go meet him."

Mubai worried about her so he accompanied her to the detention center. However, Saohuang would only meet Xinghe alone, so he had to wait for her outside.

Xinghe was brought to an interrogation room. This was the second time she had been in this place. Last time, it was to visit Ye Shen, now to visit Saohuang.

The irony of Saohuang being Ye Shen\'s murderer was not lost on Xinghe.

Saohuang seemed to have gotten a lot more haggard even though it had only been one day.

His uniform had been removed and he wore a messy plain T-short. Stubble had grown under his chin. There were dark circles under his eyes, indicating a sleepless night.

The only spirited thing about him was his pair of eyes. However, his gaze was not as sharp as before, rather it had gotten more reserved.

After she walked in, Saohuang said softly, "Sit, don\'t worry, I won\'t harm you."

There was a partition between them. Xinghe smiled. "How could you harm me?"

She sat down calmly and confidently opposite him. Saohuang laughed at his own words. He\'d forgotten that the woman opposite him was not your run of the mill woman. She was brave enough to expose him in front of the court, so she was definitely not afraid of him.

"A woman such as yourself is definitely one of a kind. I\'ve met one before, actually you reminded me of her," Saohuang commented while staring at Xinghe.