Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 523: Love to Be Slapped by You

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Chapter 523: Love to Be Slapped by You

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Xia Zhi smiled proudly. "That is the greatest pride of my life. Sis, thank you for being a part of my life."

Xinghe looked at his smiling face but said no words. Xia Zhi held her eye contact and sighed. "This time last year, we were still struggling with life. I really didn\'t think so many things would change in a year. Sis, this is all thanks to you. You\'ve impressed everyone and have put those that dared to bully and look down on us in their place. You\'ve face-slapped everyone that did us wrong…"

Xinghe though apologized. "If I had recovered my memory earlier, then you and uncle wouldn\'t have suffered so much."

"That\'s fine, it\'s all worth it in the end. I\'m very satisfied with how things worked out. Sis, how about you, are you happy?"

Xinghe nodded. The only thing she asked for in the world was for the people she cared about to be happy, she didn\'t yearn for anything more beyond that.

"Sis, I\'ll be going," Xia Zhi said when he saw Mubai walking over. He stood up and left, giving them some privacy. Mubai walked over with a smile and took the place Xia Zhi had vacated.

"Your brother is right; you did face-slap everyone that dared to defy you," he said with a wicked grin as he sat down.

Xinghe said softly, "Actually, that was not my intention to begin with."

"I know, nobody would like to go around raging war for no reason, but it is undeniable that you\'ve impressed everyone." Mubai\'s pair of passionate eyes looked at her. He was over the moon because his family had finally accepted her.

"You\'ve face-slapped me as well," he added with a grin.

Xinghe raised her brow. Mubai took her hand and said devilishly, "But I don\'t mind, even if you slap me to death, I won\'t mind."

"You like to be slapped so much?" Xinghe asked purposely.

Mubai nodded. "Only if it\'s you who does the slapping because I love everything you do."

"Actually, I don\'t think I\'ve face-slapped you."

She had taken her revenge against everyone that hurt her and her family but him. This was because she knew his part in it all was unintentional, and, regarding matters of their relationship, she was partially responsible as well.

Mubai smiled wickedly. "Why don\'t you do that now?"

He then grabbed her hand and slapped his own face. Xinghe retracted her hand quickly. "Stop joking."

"I\'m serious." Mubai looked into her eyes. "Feel free to slap me if you hate me."

"I don\'t hate you."

"This means you like me?"


Mubai came to his own conclusion. "Alright, now I know you like me."

Just as Xinghe was going to retort, he added, "But I love you!"

Xinghe swallowed her words. Mubai looked deep into her eyes and repeated slowly, "Xia Xinghe, I love you, I will only ever love you."

"…" Can you please talk about something else?

He knew she was uncomfortable in that kind of situation.

Thankfully, Xinghe was a master of changing the subject, "By the way, did you have someone check out the relationship between Saohuang and Lin Yun?"

Mubai chuckled, he knew she was evading. He didn\'t put her on the spot but nodded and said, "Naturally. Not only that, we have to check out the Lin family as well. Their attitude towards the Xi family is too suspicious."

"They\'re trying to bring the Xi family down?" Xinghe asked directly.

Mubai retracted his levity and nodded somberly. "I think so."

Xinghe narrowed her eyes.