Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 521: Only Daughter-in-Law

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Chapter 521: Only Daughter-in-Law

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"…" Xinghe.

Your poker face could do with a bit more work.

If that day was going from heaven to hell for Saohuang, then for the Xi family, it was the other way round. They\'d finally found the evidence they needed to clear their charges.

Even Munan was home. The Xi family was submerged in an atmosphere of happiness. Even Old Madam Xi was beside herself with joy.

Mrs. Xi had a large dinner prepared to celebrate; she even had Mubai invite Chengwu and Xia Zhi.

Chengwu and Xia Zhi heard everything from Xinghe that morning. They were shocked because Xinghe had been in such dangerous situations for the past month. Thankfully, she was back safe and sound and everything was well!

She contributed the most to getting the Xi family over this hurdle. At the dinner table, every Xi family member showered her with appreciation and praises.

Mrs. Xi raised her wine glass and told Xinghe, "Xinghe, can you forgive me for what I did earlier? I used to think that you were not good enough for Mubai, but now, I realize how wrong I was. I raise this glass to you as my apology."

Mrs. Xi downed the glass of wine afterwards. Everyone was shocked. Mrs. Xi was a prideful woman. Her prejudice towards Xinghe had disappeared a long time ago, but this was the first time she\'d officially apologized to Xinghe. They didn\'t expect her to go so far…

After all, it was hard for an elder to apologize to her junior, especially in a Chinese family that heavily valued family hierarchy.

Xinghe accepted her apology instantly. "Mrs. Xi, that\'s right. I\'d forgotten about that a long time ago."

Mrs. Xi broke into a smile and added, "Xinghe, from now on, you\'re the only daughter-in-law that I\'ll accept! I know you might not want to marry into our Xi family again, but I will accept no other daughter-in-law other than you."

Xinghe was shocked, her emotions were a confused mess. Previously, she was the only one Mrs. Xi wouldn\'t accept, but now she had become the only candidate she would accept…

She didn\'t expect such a drastic change.

"That\'s right, from now on, we will only accept you as our daughter-in-law!" Jiangsan said with a laugh, "If you don\'t marry Mubai then we will forbid him from marrying."

"You\'re going to make big brother die old and alone," Munan joked.

Grandfather Xi and Old Madam Xi laughed happily. Grandfather Xi\'s mood increased greatly witnessing his ex-wife enjoy herself.

He said with a good mood, "Maid, get me the thing I\'ve prepared."

The maid quickly returned with a box. Grandfather Xi accepted it and opened it while showing it to Xinghe, "Xinghe, this is my present for you, you must accept it."

The maid took over the box and set it in front of Xinghe. Inside the box was a house property certificate.

Mrs. Xi took it out and said happily, "Xinghe, this is a house given to the Xi family by the country years ago. It is at City A\'s Hills Residence; from now on, it is yours."

Xinghe was astonished, even Xia Zhi and Chengwu were stunned beyond words. The whole Hwa Xia knew that Hills Residence was the most prime real estate in the country. It was not somewhere you could move in with money, you needed to be of a certain stature as well. In other words, the house there was priceless, because it was beyond pricing.

She didn\'t expect Grandfather Xi to give her something so valuable.

"I really can\'t accept this…"