Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 520: Narrow-Minded Xi Mubai (End of the Foreign Country Arc)

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Chapter 520: Narrow-Minded Xi Mubai (End of the Foreign Country Arc)

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Munan told her suddenly, "Big Sister Xia, she\'s not going to get away."

Saohuang\'s crime was definite, Lin Yun who cooperated with him must be involved in some way. Eventually, her connection to Saohuang would be revealed!

The Xi family would also do their best to uncover her sins. After so many things that had happened, the Xi family and the Lin family had made each other their nemesis.

Furthermore, it was obvious that the Lin family had evil intentions towards the Xi family, so they wouldn\'t stop even after this cooperation with Saohuang had failed.

Xinghe and Munan were given temporary release. Even though Saohuang was now in custody, their charges hadn\'t been completely cleared. Regardless, that was only a matter of time. Basically, everyone knew they would be given an innocent verdict.

Grandfather Xi and Jiangnian left early to not disturb the youngsters and their celebration.

Xinghe left the courthouse escorted by her admirers, Munan and the rest. Mubai, who waited at the entrance, saw Xinghe from afar being surrounded by the group of guys. They chit chatted happily among themselves, but their gaze had never once left Xinghe. Xinghe maintained a light smile, replying only when she was addressed.

For some reason, she radiated a strong allure that even outstanding bachelors like Munan was attracted to her. Their eyes on Xinghe were full of admiration and adoration.

This annoyed Mubai who was standing close by. Of course, he wouldn\'t verbalize or showcase it.

He walked forward with an attractive smile and took Xinghe\'s hand proprietarily. "Everything went well?"

Xinghe nodded. "Yes, it was successfully."

Mubai caressed her hair happily. "Wonderful, let\'s go home, you must be tired."

"Okay." Xinghe nodded again and allowed herself to be pulled towards the car.

Mubai opened her with the door personally. He got in after her and then… he slammed the door shut and asked the driver to drive away!

He had zero thoughts for Munan who\'d just been released!

"Hey, Big Brother…" Munan waved his hands at the car that sped away. Big Brother, haven\'t you forgotten something or someone? How can you leave me behind like this?

"So that\'s Boss\' big brother, Xi Mubai," Yan Li said with admiration. "He looks the same as the one on TV."

Isn\'t that a given?

Gu Li asked, "Boss, didn\'t you say the two of you are like siblings, so why…?"

Did he leave you behind? It seems like he\'s purposely ignoring you.

Gu Li didn\'t finish his sentence but everyone else got the gist of it. Suddenly, the gaze from Gu Li and Yan Lu became a lot more curious. Even Munan was confused. Why would his big brother ignore him? Theoretically speaking, he should be happy for him. So where was the problem?

To smoothen the atmosphere, Yan Lu laughed. "But looks like he has a good relationship with Miss Xia. However, didn\'t you tell us they are divorced?"

"That\'s it!" Munan yelped suddenly. He finally realized why he was left behind. It was because of jealousy!

Xi Mubai, as an older brother that was born a few years ahead of me, do you need to be so narrow-minded‽

Inside the car, Xinghe reminded a certain someone kindly.

"You seem to have forgotten Munan."

"Is that so?" Mubai said with a straight face, "That\'s alright, he can walk home on his own."