Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 519: Great Satisfaction

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Chapter 519: Great Satisfaction

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His future was originally as bright as the sun. However, there was a sudden eclipse and his life was as dark as it had ever been. He didn\'t think this day would ever come!

After Saohuang left, the commotion back in the courtroom started again. They couldn\'t believe that Feng Saohuang had surreptitious dealings with IV Syndicate.

"Your Honor, since the crime was Feng Saohuang\'s doing, doesn\'t this mean our Boss is innocent‽" Yan Lu couldn\'t help but ask loudly. The room immediately settled down.

The judge nodded. "According to the evidence sent by Country Y, the illegal munition dealings in City T are all Feng Saohuang\'s responsibility. Therefore, Xi Munan and Xia Xinghe\'s suspicion will be further looked into. This court hereby announces that they will be granted temporarily bail. The final verdict will be given after more evidence has been collected."

Yan Lu was ecstatic. "Boss is free!"

The two guards immediately released the cuffs on Munan. Yan Lu and Gu Li rushed forward to cheer and the rest, swayed by the atmosphere, started to clap. Grandfather Xi and Jiangnian laughed happily.

Munan nodded at his men and walked towards Xinghe and thanked her, "Big Sister Xia, thank you. You\'re amazing, you really managed to return with the evidence."

Xinghe smiled. "I\'m glad as long as everyone\'s fine."

"Miss Xia, you\'re to me a goddess," Yan Lu gave her a big thumbs up. "I, Yan Lu, have never been impressed by a woman before in my life; you\'re probably going to be the first and the last!"

"Miss Xia, you\'ve surprised us again," Gu Li praised. "You managed to secure such elusive evidence!"

Xinghe couldn\'t help but laugh. "I think you guys are mistaken. I didn\'t bring the evidence, it has nothing to do with me."

Yan Lu and Gu Li were shocked. She\'s right, the evidence came from Country Y, which seemed to have nothing to do with her.

But how come they felt it had everything to do with her?

Munan was surprised by her modesty. This was obviously her contribution. However, since she wished to keep that a secret, Munan didn\'t expose her, but it didn\'t stop him from being proud of her!

Indeed, it is not necessary for these people to know how impressive my sister-in-law\'s real capability.

"Regardless, Miss Xia, what you did just now was still pretty impressive," Gu Li continued to heap on the praises. After all, not everyone had the guts to come confront Saohuang in person.

Yan Li claimed heartily, "That was satisfying watching Feng Saohuang being exposed like that. I feel much better witnessing him being publicly humiliated like that, serves him right!"

"Not only that, the letter of appointment waiting for him will be nullified," Gu Li added with a smug smile.

Yan Lu looked at him and they started laughing jovially. Only they knew what was funny. Needless to say, it was because the name on that letter of appointment would soon be changed to Munan\'s name. At long last, Flying Dragon Unit was finally theirs. Thinking about it made them happy.

Such an ending was satisfying, gratifying, rewarding, and fulfilling. Sharing in their happiness, Xinghe was also feeling particularly joyous.

Grandfather Xi and Jiangnian were overjoyed. They grinned from ear to ear as the crowd came over to congratulate them and apologize.

There was only one person who was left out of this celebration. That person was Lin Yun.

After she lost her ally, she snuck out of the courtroom while she thought no one was paying attention.

Xinghe stared darkly and sharply at her fleeing shadow.