Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 518: Direct Letter from Country Y's President

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Chapter 518: Direct Letter from Country Y\'s President

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

He still felt like he was in a nightmare as he was heavily surrounded. How did things become like this?

A moment ago, he was watching Munan being sentenced. The IV Syndicate was destroyed, and he was going to be named the leader of Flying Dragon Unit. He was about to have everything.

So why… how did this happen? His crimes had suddenly been exposed.

"I object!" Saohuang called out suddenly. He glared at the judge and demanded, "I refuse to believe there is proof of my criminal activities in that document! It must be fake!"

IV Syndicate had been destroyed so how could they have gotten the evidence‽

The judge declared with authority, "But this is true. This document came from Country Y\'s presidential office. The information is taken from IV Syndicate\'s base, so how can it be fake? Your crimes and information are written clearly within."

Saohuang\'s face blanched immediately. Lin Yun widened her eyes in shock, so did everyone else.

If the proof came from Xinghe, they would definitely challenge it, but since it was authorized by the law enforcement and came directly from Country Y\'s president; its validity couldn\'t be challenged.

Country Y\'s president wouldn\'t be so free to frame Saohuang, right?

He had better things to do than purposely framing Saohuang, so the document was believable. And just like that, Saohuang\'s crime was exposed and confirmed. So, Feng Saohuang really was the culprit…

The Xi family was framed after all.

"Feng Saohuang, what do you have to say for yourself?" Xinghe pressed, "I told you your comeuppance is coming! Do you know how much we\'ve suffered and sacrificed because of you?"

She and Mubai even almost lost their lives in Country Y. She was tortured in such inhumane ways when she was Xia Meng. He had sinned too much against her.

"But now, the truth is finally out there. You will never be able to recover in this lifetime. Feng Saohuang, your end is nigh!" Xinghe glared at him with eyes burning with hatred.

Saohuang glared at her frigidly. For some reason, he felt this was Xia Meng\'s ghost reincarnated to claim his life. This thought was weird, but he was strangely convinced of it.

The next second, he started laughing. But the laugh was short. He pulled back the laugh and stared coldly at Xinghe. "You think this will be the end of me? Xia Xinghe, we\'ll see about that!"

"Men, take him down and lock him up," the judge ordered.

The guards who surrounded him were ready to pounce but Saohuang opened his mouth to say, "Keep your dirty hands off me, I know how to walk myself!"

He straightened his uniform and glared at Xinghe before his gaze felled on Lin Yun. Lin Yun\'s expression changed immediately.

The message in Saohuang\'s pair of emotionless eyes was clear. Lin Yun gripped her fists tightly, to suppress the anxiety bubbling up in her heart.

Saohuang smirked with malevolence before being led away by the guards. When he crossed the hall of people, he could feel their wondering and contemptuous gaze on him.

So, this is what going from heaven to hell feels like.

Even though Saohuang kept a straight face, his heart still boiled with humiliation and anger.

The sun outside the courthouse shone down on him, bringing to light his complicated feelings.