Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 517: Finally, Revenge

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Chapter 517: Finally, Revenge

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The judge was confused. "Chief Zhang, what is the meaning of this?"

Chief Zhang pulled out a piece of document and approached the bench. He whispered, "This is a document sent over through an emergency fax from Country Y. Your Honor, please take a look at it first."

The judge accepted the document with a curious expression and opened it gingerly…

Everyone was curious as to what it was. Only Saohuang\'s face dropped when he heard the words \'Country Y\'. Xinghe stared at him coldly, not letting any one of his facial expressions escape her scrutiny.

"Do you know what that is?" she said as she drew closer to him. "It contains the proof for all of your criminal activities. Very soon, you\'ll have to pay for the sins that you\'ve committed."

Saohuang narrowed his eyes dangerously. "What proof? If you dare to falsely accuse me again, I will not hold back anymore."

Xinghe laughed. "You\'ve framed the Xi family and myself time after time and you still consider that holding back? Fine, let\'s say that\'s true, but you should know, I will not show you the same kindness. Feng Saohuang, listen to me, your comeuppance is coming, today will be your last day of freedom!"

Saohuang\'s eyes widened.

Lin Yun cursed angrily, "Xia Xinghe, you arrogant hussy. Look at this place, who do you think you are that you can accuse people randomly like this? You\'re the most insignificant of all the people here, so I advise you to shut your trap."

Xinghe turned to look at her slowly.

"That reminds me," she told Lin Yun softly. "Now that Saohuang is confirmed to be guilty, there must be something suspicious about you as well, since the two of you are so close together. Your Honor, when you investigate Feng Saohuang, remember to look into this woman as well."

"You—" Lin Yun was close to blowing her top off. What is this b*tch talking about? How dare she implicate me‽

"If Saohuang is proven innocent, I will definitely savor your death!" Lin Yun threatened her darkly. She was confident that Saohuang wouldn\'t be found out so easily. After all, that was what Saohuang told her. No one could trace the crime back to him.

Xinghe replied sarcastically, "I\'m going to return you your words. I will watch your downfall closely; I\'ve waited too long for this day."

She had given a lot and sacrificed a lot, but finally revenge was hers. She was going to open her eyes and watch their end closely!

Saohuang started to feel anxious after this little chat with Xinghe. The atmosphere inside the court started to get nervous. For some reason, they felt something huge was going to happen…

The judge who was reading the information had his face increasingly drawn.

"Is this authentic?" he suddenly asked Chief Zhang.

The chief nodded. "It is, the information just came from Country Y\'s embassy. We rushed here to moment we received it. Furthermore, the document had Country Y\'s president\'s seal and personal signature."

The judge immediately turned to Saohuang and announced with authority, "Men, detain Feng Saohuang! The court is now officially charging him with smuggling illegal military munitions, cooperating with terrorist organization to harm the safety of this country, and the world\'s citizens!"


The room was astonished. They didn\'t expect things to turn out this way. Feng Saohuang is really guilty?

Saohuang was shocked; his expression turned ugly.

Even though he knew his sins had been discovered, at that moment, he still couldn\'t believe or accept it.

Saohuang was flustered watching the armed guards rush towards him.