Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 512: The Return!

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Chapter 512: The Return!

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Nothing was permanent. There was no need to be envious of those at the top because you had no idea when they would fall. Furthermore, the higher they were, the greater the fall.

Some there reveling in their misery. Grandfather Xi, who had spent his entire life in politics, could read their thoughts clearly.

"Dad, why don\'t you go home to rest, I can do this alone," Jiangnian advised Grandfather Xi softly afraid that he wasn\'t able to hold on. In fact, he himself was finding the situation harrowing. He felt immense pressure facing these people\'s gloating gaze. It would only get worse during the hearing.

Grandfather Xi understood his thought. He pulled himself up to his full height and declared, "Remember this, even if the Xi family really falls, we mustn\'t lose our pride! This is nothing compared to the fiasco I faced when I was building this family from the ground up. Do you think I will be defeated by this?"

"Of course not. I understand now." Jiangnian nodded with shame. He admitted his EQ was weaker than his father\'s. This was a great lesson for him. From then on, he would face everything without fear like how his father did.

Grandfather Xi\'s words were heard by Lin Yun and Saohuang who were walking their way.

Lin Yun couldn\'t help but laugh. "Grandfather Xi sure is admirable. You can sustain such a positive outlook even at a time like this. Hopefully, that will bring the Xi family some good luck."

Grandfather Xi\'s eyes darkened somberly the moment he saw them. He said darkly, "A friendly piece of advice for both of you, be cautious of the path you take when you\'re young because you might not be able to bear the consequences that lie in wait at the end of the road!"

Lin Yun replied with a sarcastic smile, "Thank you, Grandfather Xi, for your useful advice."

"You\'re welcome. Also, it\'s Elder Xi for now on because I wouldn\'t be able to live down the shame of having someone like you as my grandchild," Grandfather Xi shot back before walking away.

Lin Yun\'s face immediately twisted from anger. "That senile old fart dares to insult me like this‽"

Saohuang stared at their back coldly before saying, "Why concern yourself with their dying words?"

Lin Yun calmed down immediately. "You\'re right, those were indeed their dying words. I will be sure to record their faces down clearly in my mind when the judge makes his verdict later."

Lin Yun said smugly and filed into the courtroom. The courtroom soon filled up. The atmosphere was solemn since this was a military court.

After the judge arrived, he asked for the defendant to be brought in. Munan, who wore a plain green T-shirt, was brought in by two jail guards. Even though his situation wasn\'t optimistic, but he was calm and collected.

He wore a thin smile on his handsome face as if unfazed by the verdict that was going to fall on him.

Just as Munan\'s trial began, Xinghe and Mubai finally reached the old mansion.

The maid rushed into the living room to announce, "Master, Madam, Young Master is home!"

Mr. and Mrs. Xi sprang up from their seated position.

"Where?" Jiangsan asked excitedly.

The next second, Mubai and Xinghe walked in.

When they saw them, Mrs. Xi\'s eyes started to water and Jiangsan\'s heart was gripped with various emotions!