Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 511: Morals and Mores

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Chapter 511: Morals and Mores

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After two days of flight, the plane finally landed at City T. Xinghe was a fugitive, so returning to Hwa Xia was a bit of a trouble. However, with Philip\'s help, their return trip was still successful.

Xinghe\'s emotions were complicated when she laid her eyes on this familiar cityscape. She had left the place for less than a month, but it felt like she had been away for a very long time. The last month was like a dream to her. However, no matter what, it was undeniable that she and Mubai had succeeded!

They had Feng Saohuang\'s proof of criminal activity in their hands. She fulfilled the promise she\'d made herself: When she returned, it was going to be the end for Feng Saohuang!

Xinghe immediately pulled out her phone to make an international call, "Hello, Big Brother? We\'ve landed, so you can start the operation now."

"Okay, I will do it now. Good luck," Philip replied, the smile on his face was reflected in his voice.

"Thank you."

After they hung up, Philip immediately ordered his secretary, "Give this document to Hwa Xia\'s embassy, get them to handle this immediately."

"Yes, sir."

His secretary took the document and left. The document was filled with proof of Saohuang\'s criminality.

On Xinghe\'s side, after she hung up, they got into the arranged car and left. Their first destination was the Xi family\'s old family mansion. They had been away for quite some time, so they couldn\'t help but worry about the Xi family\'s latest situation.

The woman who was taken from IV Syndicate\'s main base was immediately ferried to Lu Qi. The woman was physically weak, she was stuck in an induced coma. Probably only Lu Qi had the capability to save her. Even though Mubai still held a grudge against Lu Qi, he had to admit he was the best doctor he knew. Therefore, he wouldn\'t mind getting his help.

On the way to the mansion, Xinghe was worried. "I wonder how everything is now."

She had been away for so long, it must have caused quite a bit of trouble for the Xi family. Her only hope was that they weren\'t too late.

Mubai grabbed her hand and comforted her, "Don\'t worry, I\'m sure everything\'s fine."

They had no idea that Munan was on his way to military court.

The courthouse was heavily guarded because many people would attend today\'s hearing. Everyone present held a certain weight in the military world.

Saohuang, Lin Yun, Gu Li, and Yan Lu were all there.

From those who came, some came because they cared about Munan, others were there simply because they knew this was going to be a huge case. They didn\'t care about how it went.

Elder Xi with Jiangnian\'s support arrived at the courthouse wearing their military fatigue.

Other than Gu Li and Yan Lu, everyone avoided them like plague. Too many things had happened to the Xi family lately; they were afraid that they would be affected by the Xi family\'s bad luck if they wandered too close.

This was a complete 180 from before. Before, everyone couldn\'t wait to align themselves with the Xi family…

One couldn\'t help but lament the realistic nature of human hearts.

Elder Xi seemed to have grown even older in the past few months. Initially, he still commanded an impressive charisma, like a tiger watching over the whole jungle.

Now, this tiger had been declawed and lay weakly waiting for his end to come.

Some still greeted them out of courtesy, but when they saw Elder Xi, they sighed internally. The unifying thought was, no matter how glorious the Xi family was, they weren\'t invincible.

Tragedy could strike at any moment and a large family could topple overnight.