Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 510: Court in the Morning

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Chapter 510: Court in the Morning

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"So be it. After all, I did none of the things they said I did," Munan said coldly. However, he knew internally that people\'s doubts had gotten much bigger. Things were getting tricky.

The Xi family received news of those events soon after. Even though it was already late night, no one was sleeping; everyone was awake to discuss this.

The fact that Munan had been framed again came as a surprise to them. He was already in jail and Saohuang still wouldn\'t let him be.

"This Feng Saohuang is like a crazy dog that won\'t loosen his bite on us!" Jiangnian complained angrily.

Grandfather Xi explained solemnly, "Since he has started this sabotage, of course, he won\'t stop half way. Looks like he is adamant to crush the entire Xi family!"

"We were too careless. We didn\'t realize that he has so many disposable men on his hands and the worst thing is those men are stupidly loyal to him even though they were sacrificed. This Saohuang is too cunning and clever," Jiangsan said slowly.

Grandfather Xi nodded. "I agree, this young man is too scary. For the sake of victory, he is willing to do anything. This time, if we manage to get the proof of his criminality, we must crush him completely."

"However, Mubai and Xinghe had been gone for so long, when will they return with the evidence? Munan is going to court tomorrow morning." Jiangnian\'s brows furrowed with worry.

Grandfather Xi stated with authority, "This is just a court appearance. Even after the verdict, we can still appeal. As long as there is still a chance, we mustn\'t surrender!"

"Shall we contact Mubai?" Jiangsan asked suddenly. After Mubai left, they hadn\'t contacted him. Similarly, Mubai hadn\'t contacted them either. This void of communication was for the sake of covering their tracks.

However, at that juncture, he was really worried about Mubai\'s situation and curious about their development.

Grandfather Xi shook his head. "Not yet, we mustn\'t slip up at a time like this. Tomorrow, Jiangsan and I will go to the court, you stay at home in case there is an emergency."

"Yes." Jiangsan nodded slightly.

Munan was going to be taken before the military court, it was closed to the public. However, due to Elder Xi and Jiangnian\'s unique identity and their relationship to Munan, they would be allowed entry.

However, Jiangsan would be held at the door, so there was nothing he could do even if he went.

That night, the whole Xi family was restless. It was the same for Munan.

In fact, it was a restless night for the many parties involved. There was a feeling of calm before the storm.

If there were no accidents, this would be a giant hit to the Xi family.

The only thing that the Xi family could do was to assign Munan the best lawyer. As long as Munan refused to admit his sin, then the proceedings could still be dragged. Naturally, Munan would do that. Even Saohuang knew, the guilty verdict wouldn\'t happen any time soon.

However, that was okay because as long as Munan couldn\'t clear his name, eventually the court would announce his guilt. It was only a matter of time until the fire reached the Xi family.

As the Xi family had thought about this so did many other people. They were worried for the Xi family\'s future. Recently, the Xi family had kept getting into trouble. The majority felt this was going to be the coup de grace for the Xi family.

Even the Xi family themselves felt that way.

Little did they know that the fate changers, Xinghe and Mubai, were on their way home...