Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 508: Assassinate Xi Munan

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Chapter 508: Assassinate Xi Munan

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

When he said that, malevolence flashed across Saohuang\'s eyes. He looked at Sun Yu and continued, "You\'ll be responsible for this operation."

"Me?" Sun Yu was caught by surprise.

Saohuang nodded slightly. "That\'s right. IV Syndicate\'s main base has been destroyed and its people are in absolute chaos. I cannot rely on them. Now, the only person I can trust is you."

Sun Yu also had a criminal gang under his command, therefore Saohuang had to rely on him.

Sun Yu nodded. "Okay, what kind of operation will this be?"

"Of course, it is an assassination. Xi Munan is your partner, and to ensure that he doesn\'t sell your men out, you have to assassinate him to seal his mouth; it\'s that simple," Saohuang said lightly.

Sun Yu understood it immediately. He said excitedly, "That is a wonderful idea! My men have no idea who our partners are or how many partners we have, so they can\'t say for sure the partner is not Xi Munan."

Saohuang nodded with satisfaction. "Good. Even though this will be a great sacrifice, it is worth it. Your men will be proud to sacrifice themselves for our better future."

Sun Yu nodded. "Understood! I will go arrange it now."

After Sun Yu left, Saohuang called Lin Yun.

"Hello," Lin Yun\'s graceful voice came from the other side.

Saohuang asked directly, "I\'ve arranged the thing that you asked, the Xi family will not be able to escape this time. You decide when that will be."

Lin Yun giggled suddenly. "You\'re recording this, aren\'t you?"

Why else would you call me and say something like that?

Lin Yun was an agent at the national intelligence agency; she had seen this kind of cheap trick many times before.

Saohuang didn\'t deny it. "I have to keep a safety route for myself, don\'t I? Say the word and the operation will start."

If she didn\'t give him any leverage, then the operation wouldn\'t start. This was his way of making sure that if he failed, the Lin family would fail together with him!

Lin Yun hesitated before answering, "Naturally, the operation has to be carried out tonight, as soon as possible."

"Alright, we\'ll listen to you. This is you asking for the Xi family to be destroyed, not me."

"That\'s right, it is me, Lin Yun, representing the Lin family asking you to do this. Jesus, Feng Saohuang, you sure are narrow-minded." Lin Yun hanged up after that and smiled at her phone with derision.

So, this is what Feng Saohuang is like! Unfortunately for him, we\'re not afraid of some small military general; record what you want!

If she was afraid of retribution, she wouldn\'t have approached him in the first place.

Night soon fell.

Munan was still kept at the detention center. The guards there stood at their post. They had no clue someone had already snuck into the building.

Sun Yu used the surveillance to familiarize his men with the geographical situation, and with his help, his men managed to sneak into the facility easily.

The assassins slid the door to Munan\'s cell open and saw a man lying on the bed facing away from them.

From the sound of the man\'s steady breathing, it seemed like he was sound asleep.

The assassins slithered in without making a sound and pulled out their daggers. They looked at each other and signaled. They plunged their daggers into the man\'s vitals at the same time.

The man woke up and screamed on reflex, but his mouth was quickly smothered by someone\'s strong hand. The daggers went in and out of his body, blood spraying everywhere.

The man struggled for a few seconds longer before going completely still.

However, the next second, the few assassins realized something was wrong.