Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 506: I Want the Xi Family to Go Extinct

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Chapter 506: I Want the Xi Family to Go Extinct

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

"Do you really think I\'m going to listen to you?" Munan chided her.

"In other words, you would rather die than admit to the truth?" Lin Yun\'s smile slowly disappeared.

Munan shrugged wordlessly, garnering a sarcastic laugh from Saohuang.

"Xi Munan, we\'re almost the same and your start is even more auspicious than mine, but now you\'re a prisoner and I will take over the Flying Dragon Unit. Don\'t you think you\'ve had enough failure? So, don\'t be stubborn, or there will only be more humiliation and failure awaiting you."

"Listening to the crap that came out of the both of your mouths is already my biggest failure and humiliation; it can\'t get any worse than this," Munan told them directly.

Saohuang smiled but his eyes were cold. Lin Yun also smiled slightly. "Looks like you\'re unwilling to cooperate."

"Isn\'t that a given?" Munan shrugged with derision.

"Very good, if you\'re still so stubborn then we won\'t disturb you anymore." Lin Yun stood up gracefully, but the next second, her face changed, and she grabbed at the hot tea and splashed it on Munan\'s face. The scalding hot tea startled Munan.

He glared coldly at Lin Yun, trying his best to suppress his desire to counter. The tea leaves flowed down his handsome features, embarrassing him…

Lin Yun slammed down the tea cup and her attitude had a drastic change. She warned viciously, "Do you still think you\'re worth something‽ Take a look at yourself first before you talk like that to me! Don\'t worry, I will make sure that the rest of you kin follow in your footsteps. Just wait and see!"

Lin Yun then spat in his face and turned to leave.

Saohuang stood up slowly and moved to stand beside Munan. He patted him lightly on his shoulder and said, "The day you are taken to court will be the day I take over the Flying Dragon Unit. Thank you for your cooperation, I wouldn\'t have won so easily without you. Therefore, I will attend your trial to support you, good luck."

He gave a smug smile and followed behind Lin Yun.

Munan swiped the water from his face and chucked. Bunch of maggots, you\'ll get your faces slapped soon enough!

After Lin Yun got out of the detention center, she entered the car. Not long after, Saohuang also climbed in. Lin Yun was still fuming.

She hissed, "Looks like he\'s not going to cooperate no matter what. How are we going to pin this on them if he is not going to confess‽"

Saohuang consoled her with a smile, "At least we have them on aiding and abetting the fugitive, Xia Xinghe. That is more than enough."

"How is that enough‽" Lin Yun complained with dissatisfaction, "I want the whole Xi family to perish, not only Xi Munan. One Xi Munan is not enough in my eyes."

"But Xi Munan\'s downfall means the collapse of the Xi family, right?"

"You\'re too innocent," Lin Yun smirked. "The Xi family\'s biggest hope is not Xi Munan but Xi Mubai. Xi Munan\'s downfall means nothing to the Xi family. With Mubai at the helm, they will eventually rise back to the top."

Saohuang started his engine and replied, "What else can we do? We can\'t force Xi Munan to confess, can we?"

Lin Yun seemed to have stumbled upon a solution. "The confession needn\'t have to come from his own mouth. As long as his crime of colluding with the illegal organization is established, then the entire Xi family will be condemned, right?"

Saohuang looked at her with a confused expression.

"He was suspected of that, but that suspicion has long since been cleared."

"Then, we will figure out a way to make the charge stick this time," Lin Yun said as she smiled at Saohuang. Her smile was venomous and meaningful...