Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 504: Was Taken Prisoner

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Chapter 504: Was Taken Prisoner

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Xinghe didn\'t push him away this time. Mubai realized she didn\'t get mad so he couldn\'t stop himself from going in for another kiss. This time it was deeper and more passionate…

The plane flew into the clouds. The sunlight filtered through the window, shining on the kissing couple and creating a dreamlike picture…

Mubai thought this was the best kiss he had ever since he was born. However, he would have to work hard to make sure this wasn\'t his last.

He hugged Xinghe and his smile was brighter than the sun. He believed that they would achieve everlasting bliss, eventually.

He also knew the road towards that goal would be hard and treacherous, but he knew that as long as they worked together, nothing would be able to stand in their way.

While Mubai and Xinghe were rushing back, the Xi family was facing a giant quandary. Ever since Xinghe had escaped from the country, the Xi family had been under a lot of pressure.

The law enforcement charged them for abetting and assisting the escape of a fugitive and had been investigating them ever since. Even someone as influential as Grandfather Xi was interrogated.

However, the most impacted was Munan because he\'d had the most interactions with Xinghe. He was the one who allowed Xinghe to enter into the military and he was the one who paid Xinghe\'s bail. Furthermore, he had the earlier history of being investigated for stealing military munitions, therefore he was the most suspected.

By now, Munan had already been suspended from his post and had been taken prisoner, waiting to be brought before the military court.

However, because of the Xi family\'s influence, even though he was behind bars, they didn\'t maltreat him. His cell had everything he\'d ever need; it was not worse than a hotel room. The only difference was there were a lot of guards standing outside his room.

Every time anyone from the Xi family wanted to meet him, they needed to go through quite a few procedures.

Now, even his father had been suspended; things were looking bad for the Xi family.

However, Munan maintained his optimistic attitude. He stayed in his cell and read newspaper and books daily; it was like he was on vacation. The only thing that ruined that was Saohuang and Lin Yun\'s constant visits.

Today, they were there again. Munan was taken to a tiny conference room where the two of them already sat waiting.

He frowned instantly and complained to his guard, "Didn\'t I say, I\'m not available if it\'s these two that want to see me?"

The guard didn\'t answer but he grumbled internally, You don\'t have the right to demand that now.

Lin Yun smirked with derision. "Xi Munan, I\'ve just been assigned to oversee this case, so you have to cooperate! Now, you\'re no longer the venerable Major Xi but a lowly prisoner!"

"But we will not give you many difficulties, since we were once comrades. Sit down and let\'s have a chat," Saohuang added sardonically.

Munan had thought about just turning around and leaving. However, he still walked over calmly and sat before them. There was no trace of humiliation in his expression. "Fine, if you want to chat, let\'s chat. After all, I have plenty of free time."

Lin Yun leaned forward and smiled lightly. "I\'m glad that you\'re willing to cooperate. Xi Munan, you know very well why we came to find you. You\'re going to the military court soon, so this is your last chance. Cooperate with us and your charge will be lightened. So, tell us what we need to know."

Munan scoffed listening to her fake concern. Lin Yun didn\'t mind it, after all, she wasn\'t going to lower herself to the level of a prisoner!