Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 503: Do Like Him

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Chapter 503: Do Like Him

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Mubai didn\'t to intend to let her wiggle out of this one, so he pressed, "What about me? What am I to you?"

"You…" Xinghe opened her mouth to say something but no words came out. The atmosphere suddenly became extremely weird and awkward. Mubai kept staring at her with anticipation, waiting for her answer.

He wanted to know what his position in her heart was. He did promise her that he would wait, but he was still dying to know where he stood in the grand scheme of things.

Xinghe finally answered, "You are also my friend."

Mubai couldn\'t believe he just got friend-zoned.

Xinghe continued to explain, "Even though it might be weird for us to be friends but…"

"Xia Xinghe," Mubai interrupted her with a helpless shake of his head. "Do you think I\'m willing to stay as your friend?"


"I\'m sure you know my intentions." Mubai stared at her with burning passion. "Tell me the truth, what is your heart saying at this moment?"

Xinghe was silent with her thoughts before asking, "You really want to know?"


"I\'ve been thinking about how to deal with Feng Saohuang and to uncover the mystery of Project Galaxy."

Mubai didn\'t know whether to give up or cry facing her honesty.

He grabbed her hand like it was a lifeline and demanded, "You\'ve not thought one bit about our relationship?"

"Honestly, I have but only a little."

Mubai was willing to take that, a little was better than none.

"Then, what are your thoughts?" Mubai asked her on patiently.

Xinghe answered truthfully, "I\'ve decided to push it back until the things I mentioned earlier are resolved."

Xinghe\'s answer was like a pail of cold water to his face.

"Then do you like me, even a little bit?" Mubai might not have been prepared to hear that answer, but he decided to be brazen about it and cut right to the point. Mubai realized Xinghe could always render his usual self-control pointless.

Thankfully, Xinghe\'s honest answer this time was a lot more acceptable. "There should be a certain degree of affection, but I can\'t say how much."

Mubai could see the spring flowers blooming in the background; he was over the moon!

His pair of shining eyes locked onto hers and his face split into a broad smile. "In other words, you do like me, right?"

Xinghe, for some reason, nodded with a faint blush. She did like him to a certain degree…

Or else with her personality, she wouldn\'t have wasted so much time discussing their relationship, and she wouldn\'t have helped him. So, in conclusion, she did like him.

Mubai suddenly lifted her chin up and said gently, "That\'s good enough, it means that you have taken the first step! Do not worry, because I will make the other remaining 99 steps, you just stand still and wait for me, okay?"

Xinghe frowned slightly. How come she felt she needed to commit a little more so that the relationship was an equal. They needed to contribute the same amount of work to be fair, right?

Mubai wasn\'t aware of her thoughts he was too caught up in his own happiness. He was like a kid who just got accepted by his crush.

"Can I kiss you?" he suddenly asked. Before Xinghe could answer, he leaned in. The kiss was a gentle and short one.

It wasn\'t especially passionate. It reminded Xinghe of a first kiss, chaste yet treasured.

This was not the first time they kissed, but for several reasons, it touched Xinghe\'s heart.