Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 501: Beyond Human Limit

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Chapter 501: Beyond Human Limit

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"Also, they\'ve been doing human experimentation," Mubai added with a sigh. This however didn\'t surprise Xinghe. "I knew as much."

"But I don\'t think you knew that they were only doing their experiments on one person, follow me." Mubai pulled her to another lab. The scale of the base was once more showcased by the number of labs available there. They took quite a journey before reaching their destination.

The lab that they were heading was the one Xinghe saw in her surveillance. As she expected, there was a woman lying in the middle of the lab.

Her eyes were still closed and her body completely still, it was as if she was already dead. However, the echo-cardiograph she was connected to was proof otherwise.

Mubai explained, "I\'ve scanned through all the data here and it\'s all about this woman. The captives confirmed that they have been studying this woman for years."

Xinghe looked at him with some horror in her eyes. "She has been here for years?"

"That\'s right." Mubai nodded solemnly. "From the research data, this woman is different from common human beings. Her brain cells are highly active, her metabolism is faster than usual, and her cellular energy is unusually heightened."

Xinghe understood what Mubai meant. She asked directly, "In other words, she\'s a super human?"

"Her data seems to suggest that. Of course, this shouldn\'t be that surprising since there are cases of extremely gifted individuals found in the world, but they are extremely rare."

For several reasons, Xinghe\'s first thought was, Maybe she is related to the energy crystal.

She shared her observation with Mubai. Mubai frowned in contemplation. "Why would you say so?"

Xinghe looked at him and elaborated, "Because I realized that the owners of these energy crystals are indeed people that we would call unusual."

Comprehension dawned for Mubai. Xinghe continued her analysis, "You might not know this, but my mother is a very impressive woman, she taught me everything I know. Xia Meng\'s father managed to create memory cells. Their abilities are way beyond the human limit, it\'s my suspicion that they have an unusual background…"

Xinghe kept her speculation vague but Mubai got what she was hinting at. Maybe this group of people\'s parents are not normal human beings, in other words, super humans.

But this speculation was too preposterous!

Then again, this world was filled with unexplainable things. Who could really deny the existence of super humans?

"We must bring this woman home with us," Mubai decided then and there. "She might be the opening we need to further understand this mystery."

"I need to take all the information here as well," Xinghe added.

Mubai nodded. "Naturally."

Maybe they could find out something more from the research data.

Mubai managed to persuade Philip to allow them to take everything they needed from the base. Xinghe spent a whole day copying the data from the base, then she was to return to Hwa Xia with Mubai.

Philip assumed office that very day. He became Country Y\'s new president.

The toxin inside Kelly\'s body had been cleared using Lu Qi\'s antidote, but she required a period of time to recover.

Sam\'s group was unwilling to part with Xinghe, but they had no choice. Xinghe intended to ask them to join her but she was rejected by Charlie.

He still had unfinished business at Country Y and his students wanted to stay with him. However, they did promise to visit her when the chance arose.