Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 500: Burning for a Long Time

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Chapter 500: Burning for a Long Time

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He was wearing a simple camouflage shirt, military slacks and boots. He looked like a real soldier. When he walked in, the room was stifled by his immense presence. He had changed into this look for the sake of the operation.

To their surprise, he looked like a real soldier in this outfit, strong and powerful. If he had entered into the military and not business, he probably would be someone as important as Philip. This was observable from the natural way he commanded the troops that day.

Even Sam\'s group was surprised by his ability. They grumbled internally, Can this man give us average Joes some space to survive? Does he need to be good in the fields of both business and military?

Only Xinghe knew that this talent came from his family\'s influence. After all, Elder Xi was a decorated military general.

Regardless, she had to admit he look rather dashing in this get-up.

"Follow me," Mubai didn\'t catch the temporary admiration in Xinghe\'s eyes and told her as he walked in.

Xinghe didn\'t ask anything but stood up to follow him. There was an armored car parked outside. Mubai helped her into it and they left Philip\'s house.

"Where are we going?" Xinghe finally asked.

Mubai who was driving answered, "We\'re going to IV Syndicate\'s base; I found something."


"An energy crystal."

Xinghe was shocked. Why would IV Syndicate have that? Could that be why Saohuang knew about the energy crystals?

Xinghe was excited because they seemed to be about to stumble into a big secret.

The base had been completely taken over. Many soldiers were stood outside the entrance guarding it. They greeted Mubai and allowed them entry. When Xinghe personally stepped into the base, she finally realized how big it really was.

It was fitted with the best equipment, it was like a movie set. Even though this had been the scene for many gunfights, the internal walls were still well preserved. The only give away was the blood stains that covered the surfaces…

The bodies had already been cleared away.

Xinghe followed behind Mubai calmly. They eventually entered a lab.

Once entered, Xinghe saw in the middle of the room a large transparent enclosure. Inside it, a ball of fire seemed to be dancing. Burning within the fire was a black energy crystal!

Mubai ushered her forward and observed while staring at the crystal, "I\'ve interrogated the captives. According to them, this thing has been burning for a very long time."

Xinghe was curious. "How long?"

"At least a few months."

Xinghe was again shocked.

She stared closely at the energy crystal inside the enclosure and realized its size didn\'t seem to have decreased. What kind of substance could continue to burn for several months?

Therefore, this metal was indeed something unusual.

"This confirms that the metal is really an energy source, but I didn\'t think its energy source would be so endless," Mubai commented.

Initially, they already predicted this was some unique energy source, but they didn\'t expect it to be so out of this world.

In comparison, other energy sources like natural gas or fuel, were like trash-tier.

If there was such a known fuel source in the world that could provide large amount of energy without exhausting itself, they would have known about it, but they had never heard of this unique metal before.

"How did IV Syndicate get their hands on this?" Xinghe asked curiously.

Mubai shook his head. "I have no clue and the captives couldn\'t answer as well. The only thing they know is that this thing is very important and there are others all over the world. That\'s why they have been searching high and low for it. Sadly, their leader managed to escape, otherwise we could have found out more about it."