Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 498: Off to Military Court You Go!

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Chapter 498: Off to Military Court You Go!

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

At this time, Philip could do anything he wanted, and no one would have an opinion. Thankfully, he was not a tyrant. Speaking of a crazy tyrant, he turned to look at Aliyah who had appeared to have frozen into an ice statue.

Philip took slow, purposeful steps towards her with a smile. Aliyah\'s body shook with fear watching him approach. Her instincts told her to run—

At Philip\'s signal, the guards moved to detain her.

"What are you doing? Let me go, I am General Aliyah, who dares to detain me‽" Aliyah struggled like a crazed woman, but she was no match for a group of trained soldiers.

By then, Philip had reached backstage and stood before her.

Aliyah looked at him and cursed loudly, "F*ck you, Philip, you lied to me; you don\'t care about Kelly\'s life at all! You lying bastard, you planned all this from the beginning. How could you sacrifice Kelly\'s life just to become the president‽ You liar, Kelly will die because of you!"

Aliyah thought Kelly was still in IV Syndicate\'s base. Philip could only laugh when he heard Aliyah curse at him.

"As if you care about Kelly\'s life so much," he chided sarcastically. "Aren\'t you the one who wants her dead the most?"

Aliyah responded with a sarcastic barb, "You\'re not qualified to lecture me on that! You tricked me into believing that you value her life, but now you\'re willing to kill her with your own two hands for the sake of this presidency. What kind of husband, what kind of man are you that you can use your wife as a sacrifice‽ You don\'t deserve to be the president; you don\'t deserve to lead this country. I will expose your real identity to the whole world and let everyone know how cold-blooded and fake you are!"

This was Aliyah\'s only way out now, so she stuck to it like her life depended on it, which was rather true. However, Philip\'s next sentence crushed all her hope, "Do you think I would do this if Kelly wasn\'t safe?"

Aliyah looked at him shock. "What did you say?"

Philip replied slowly, savoring the moment, "Too bad for you, Kelly has been rescued. She is recovering at the hospital; you must be very disappointed to hear that, right?"

"Impossible! Last night she was still…"

"The hospital report said that she has survived the critical period. Do you wish to see it?"

Aliyah was finally convinced Kelly was saved. But when did he locate IV Syndicate\'s main base, plan everything, and save Kelly?

Aliyah had no idea these things were happening behind her back; her body shivered from fear.

She thought everything was in her control. As long as they had Kelly, Philip would be her puppet. Who knew all along she was the one being toyed!

Philip did so many things in the dark and the scariest thing was he was never found out. They didn\'t notice anything wrong with him.

Now that IV Syndicate was done, it was all over for her as well…

She thought she was going to get the whole world but she now she had lost everything she had. Aliyah\'s face was ashen like her soul has escaped from her body.

Philip was done having this dance with her. He ordered, "General Aliyah has been found to be colluding with IV Syndicate to harm this country\'s safety! Detain her for now and we will try her at the military court!"

"Yes, sir!"

"No, let me go, my grandfather was the president of this country, you cannot do this to me—" Aliyah started to struggle again but she couldn\'t do anything against her eventual fate of being a criminal, waiting for her judgement.