Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 497: Stunned the Whole World

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Chapter 497: Stunned the Whole World

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Aliyah also felt her world was ending. As she gawked at the screen behind Philip in utter disbelief, her face slowly drained of blood. She couldn\'t believe the things that were happening before her eyes.

Every citizen in Country Y was equally shocked.

The strong and mysterious IV Syndicate that had been harming Country Y like a malignant tumor had been found, and not only that, had been purged!

Is this a dream?

Other than those that supported IV Syndicate, the normal citizens that valued peace had tears welling up in their eyes. This image was broadcasted all over the globe.

Country Y citizens dropped what they were doing and rushed to witness this historical moment of their country. The war happening on screen made them feel a rush of nervousness and excitement.

Those who were more sentimental were already weeping openly, even others that were more reserved had red eyes.

This marked a new beginning for their country, finally a time for them to prosper, a time to usher in a new era of joy and happiness. This moment would forever leave a mark in Country Y. At the same time, Philip who acted as the commander of this operation, elevated himself into a legendary hero status in the citizens\' eyes.

"Philip, Philip…" Inside the hall, the chanting of his name began anew. More was led by this this and people started to scream his name with a crazed fervor. "Philip, Philip!"

Those on the street who stopped to witness this on their phone also joined in. The name \'Philip\' that day resounding across the globe. It stunned the whole world!

Even Saohuang back at City T had seen it.

"Boss, how could this happen?" Sun Yu said with disbelief watching the destruction of IV Syndicate on screen.

Saohuang was expressionless.

"Boss, the organization is now destroyed. Will they trace it back to us?" Sun Yu asked anxiously.

Saohuang surprised him by saying, "It\'s good that it\'s destroyed."

Sun Yu was astonished. "Boss, what are you saying?"

Saohuang stared at the TV screen and said slowly, "I don\'t need them anymore. Their destruction will guarantee my freedom, no one will be there to hold me back anymore!"

Sun Yu understood his meaning instantly. IV Syndicate\'s existence was both good and bad for Saohuang.

Saohuang could use the organization\'s power to climb to the top, but this connection would ruin him if unearthed. Now that IV Syndicate was destroyed, no one would be able to uncover the skeleton Saohuang\'s closet. It was a cause for celebration.

Furthermore, he was in the progress of crushing the Xi family and was only days away from being named the leader of the Flying Dragon Unit. Now, his last reservation, IV Syndicate had been destroyed.

Everything was going perfectly for Saohuang.

He laughed happily. "Looks like God does love me! It is time for Feng Saohuang\'s era!"

Sun Yu immediately offered his flattery. "Congratulations, boss! Even God is on your side, therefore it\'s only a matter of time before the whole world is yours!"

Saohuang laughed even harder, relishing the fact that the world would soon bow to his command.

Little did he know that his world would crumble soon.

Back in Country Y, Philip had firmly established his place in the country\'s history. With the destruction of IV Syndicate, his position of the leader of the country was unmovable.

Even without a speech, his position as president was secured!