Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 495: The Phone's Vibration

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Chapter 495: The Phone\'s Vibration

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

The chanting in the hall lasted for a long time. However, Philip had a drawn face and had spoken no words. He stood upright on the stage, but a stubborn haze seemed to have clouded over his eyes.

His expression, gaze, and every twitch of his emotion was enlarged and broadcasted on screen. The whole world was tuned in and seemed to have the same questions on their mind. What is wrong with him? Did something happen?

Until the hall quieted down, Philip opened his lips with visible difficulties. "My dearest comrades, friends, and fellow countrymen! Thank you for your constant support and love, they have been my biggest motivators, but today… today…"

He choked on his words. Philip was a hot-blooded general, not known for his sentimentalities, but at that moment, people could see his eyes watering.

He had to surrender and to disappoint the hope people placed on his shoulders. He had to disappoint his men, the soldiers that had died for his cause.

He didn\'t mind the president\'s seat that much, but the moment he gave it up, he would let down the hope of millions and millions of people. This decision was harder than making him kill himself. However, before he was these people\'s hope, he was Kelly\'s husband; he couldn\'t let her down. Therefore, he had to make this choice…

As if they could feel Philip was going to make a serious announcement, everyone started to get antsy. They looked at him with uncertainty, praying that he wouldn\'t let them down.

The only person who was happy, excited, and glad was Aliyah who was back stage. After Philip made his announcement, the country would be hers. With the country as the stepping stone, she would eventually dominate the whole world!

Philip seemed to be able to sense her irreprehensible joy and turned around to look at her. He saw the manic glow in her eyes.

"Kelly…" Aliyah didn\'t avert her eyes instead mouth the woman\'s name voicelessly. Philip\'s face darkened, and Aliyah started to laugh. Philip would give up the whole world to give that woman a sound slap on the face!

Philip gripped his fist and suppressed his burning fury. He again turned to face the crowd.

"But today, with a heavy heart, I have to make an announcement," Philip opened his lips to say, "And that is…"

Right at that moment, Philip\'s phone which he\'d placed in his suit pocket, close to his heart, started to vibrate. The moment it did, Philip\'s heart seemed to mimic its vibration.

Philip was startled but quickly pulled out his phone.

As his eyes laid on the caller ID, Philip disregarded the decorum required for the situation and answered, "Hello!"

The crowd was an immediate chaos. Why would Philip pick up his phone in the middle of his speech? What\'s happening?

Philip had forgotten he was being broadcasted all over the world, his focus was completely on that phone call.

The call came from Xinghe. Her calm and collected voice came from the other end, slow and steady, but powerful and strong.

She told Philip, "Philip, you don\'t need to make that announcement, because you will win. Congratulations, we\'ve saved Kelly."

"What did you say?" Philip gripped the edge of the podium. At that moment, he felt his life was being revived.