Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 494: Announcing his Surrender

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Chapter 494: Announcing his Surrender

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

His voice came from the darkest depths of hell. "Didn\'t I warn you not to harm her‽ Aliyah, if you\'re looking for death, then I will fulfil your demand!"

He was ready to squeeze the life out of her.

"If I die, Kelly will also be dead!" Aliyah hissed through her teeth, "Philip, kill me if you dare."

Philip widened his eyes and used a great amount of self-control to release his grip.

"What do you want?" he demanded, his eyes still burning with vengeance.

Aliyah looked at his helplessness and smiled satisfactorily. "What do we want? Obviously, we want you to voluntarily step down from the race. I\'ve even prepared the reason for you. Just say you\'re not feeling physically well and you don\'t think you\'re capable of shouldering the responsibility of president. It\'s that simple."

Philip knew this was coming. "Looks like you people have been guarded against me and not really sincere in cooperating with me."

"We do wish for cooperation, but it doesn\'t mean that we\'re willing for you to win the presidency."

"How can I trust you people when you\'ve violated your promises again and again?"

Aliyah smiled. "Do you have another choice?"

That\'s right, he was cornered. They had Kelly and they now were forcing him into submission by threatening her life. He had no choice but to yield. Even if they wanted his life, he didn\'t think he would do anything to object. However, he was not willing to admit defeat, had he really run out of options?

Why hasn\'t Mubai saved Kelly?

Philip planted all his hope on them and it appeared like he had made the wrong decision…

Aliyah looked him and knew he had selected to compromise. "Philip, don\'t worry because I still love you and will prevent them from harming you. Even if you don\'t get to be the president, I will elect you as my vice; you will still have control of this country." Aliyah leaned intimately into his body. "Come on, don\'t be mad. You need to go and prepare, it\'s almost time for your speech."

Philip stared coldly at her and warned, "Aliyah, one day, you will die by my hands."

Aliyah smiled like a shameless vixen. "If you do, you\'ll just be killing Kelly and I don\'t think I would mind that."


"Honey, it\'s time for you to show yourself to the public. I believe you know what to do, right?" Aliyah blew him a kiss but there was a threat in her eyes. Philip took a deep breath and shoved her roughly away, he then strode out of the room.

Aliyah smiled triumphantly watching his back before she also followed him out.

Philip eventually found his way to the speech hall. Thousands of voters saw him arrive and they cheered enthusiastically. About seventy percent of the voters gathered there were his supporters. Some of them started weeping in joy when they saw him, and a chanting of his name erupted among the crowd.

Other than those gathered there, those gathered in front of their TV sets also cheered him on. Everyone was excited and joyful, because they believed their country\'s hero was finally going to bring them out of the endless war.

They believed he would bring them happiness and hope to this country that desperately needed it.

However, little did they know, Philip was painfully thinking, preparing to give his abdication speech!