Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 493: Edit Your Speech

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Chapter 493: Edit Your Speech

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However, Xinghe was expressionless. There was no twitch in her emotions. She should have been the most traumatized, but she was the one that was the most collected of them all.

After some time, Kelly finally collapsed from pain. The men stopped filming and left.

"Go now!" Xinghe ordered immediately. Mubai\'s men thronged into Kelly\'s cell and started the nerves-inducing rescue operation!

Outside, dawn had arrived. The people outside the state hall started to wake up.

Today was the last day of the election, the only two candidates that reached the final were Philip and Aliyah. After that day\'s counting of votes, the new president would be announced. However, before that, each of the candidate had the final chance to give a speech.

Philip, in his military uniform, sat expressionlessly in the waiting room. He looked outside the window with no obvious expression. The door was suddenly pushed open.

Aliyah waltzed in. Philip knew who it was from the sounds of the heels without turning around.

"Philip, why don\'t you go first for the speech?" Aliyah asked him lightly. Her tone though wasn\'t inquisitive. Her question sounded more like a directive.

Philip turned around slowly. His pair of dark eyes stared at her and he said no words. However, a question was clear in his eyes. What tricks are you playing this time?

Aliyah\'s colored red lips curved into a thin smile. "However, you might want to edit your speech. We\'ve already helped you with some corrections, they\'re all in this video, why don\'t you look at it."

After that, she pulled out a phone and passed it to Philip. Philip didn\'t take it. "What is this?"

"You\'ll know after you see. You\'ll regret it if you don\'t see this." Aliyah\'s smile was smug. Philip\'s heart twitched with fear, but he didn\'t show it on his face. He took over the phone guardedly, and as he switched it open, what he saw wrench his heart with pain and lit up his fury like flame to oil.

In the video, Kelly was tossing around in obvious pain. Her every scream a sharp knife to his heart.

Philip whipped his head up and glared at Aliyah. "What did you do to her‽"

Aliyah didn\'t show any trace of fear, in fact, her smile became wider. "Continue watching, you\'ll find out soon enough."

"Philip…" Suddenly, a man in a white coat called his name. The man stared emotionlessly at the camera and said, "We\'ve given your wife a type of highly corrosive poison. If she is not given the antidote in the next two days, then her internal organs will start to fail. When that happens, even God wouldn\'t be able to save her. Plus, before her death, she will experience the greatest pain imaginable to man, like how you can see it now… I know you want to save her from such a horrid death. If you do, then surrender your right to run. Remember, only by stating that you\'re not going to run for president can she live."

After that, the white coat left the camera with a satisfied, cold-blooded smile. The rest of the video was a horror show featuring Kelly\'s torment. As if to upset Philip, the camera kept focused on Kelly\'s pained expressions…

The video lasted until Kelly fainted from overwhelming agony.

This whole time, Philip was forced to see his wife endure, but he couldn\'t do anything. Finally, the phone was snapped into two in Philip\'s hands!

He grabbed at Aliyah\'s neck and glared at her with blood lust.