Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 492: Destroy Everything!

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Chapter 492: Destroy Everything!

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

He was hell bent on flattening this organization!

None of them were going to get away, this place must be levelled!

Xinghe seemed to have understood something, her eyes that stared at the screen were frosted over.

"What are they doing to Kelly?" Ali asked in a silent whisper, she got no answer. Everyone\'s heart was heavy watching Kelly\'s tortured expression.

"Contact Lu Qi to get the antidote formula," Mubai suddenly ordered Xinghe. Xinghe didn\'t ask for the reason, her eyes shuddered, and she replied, "Okay."

They were indeed doing the same thing to Kelly that Saohuang had done to her. So, this was where he got the poison.

Xinghe immediately contacted Lu Qi. He was surprised when he received her call. He had many questions to ask her, but eventually, he settled with a kind reminder, "Miss Xia, take care. It\'s not wise to return now because there\'s a warrant out for your arrest."

"I know, thank you."

Xinghe hung up quickly and contacted Mubai, "Got it."

"Thank you." Mubai\'s voice was low and they returned to silence. This was because Kelly was still screaming, and the white coat was recording her. He didn\'t seem like he was going to stop anytime soon. Needless to say, they were going to use this recording to threaten Philip.

After some time, the white coat handed the recorder to his men and left the cell. For some reasons, Xinghe felt she needed to follow this man. Eventually she followed him into a lab.

The IV Syndicate has such a large base, so it was not surprising that they had labs. After all, they needed to perform ballistics tests on firearms, so there were plenty of weapon labs.

To Xinghe\'s surprise, the man walked into a medical lab!

She and Ali were shocked by the things that appeared on screen. There were jars of human organs suspended in unknown liquids littering the spacious lab. There were hearts, stomachs, pancreas, and even brains…

Everything was creepy, it was as if they had walked into a scary movie set but everything here was real.

In the middle of the room, on top of a giant experiment table was a dark-haired woman. Her eyes were closed, face pale and breathing weak. Her head and every part of her body were covered with a metallic sheet and the sheets were connected to a giant device.

The device showed clearly the girl\'s vitals and many other information.

Ali almost vomited when she saw this. "They\'re conducting human experiments‽"

"Just what else is this organization into other than profiteering illegal munitions?" Sam frowned with disgust.

Xinghe didn\'t comment, she quickly retreated out of the lab and returned to check up on Mubai\'s situation. Not matter what this organization was involved in, they would find out soon enough. Then, they would destroy it all!

Xinghe\'s group didn\'t sigh in relief when they returned to Mubai\'s side. Kelly was still struggling in pain. Just like how it had been for Xinghe, she was suffering through the worst night of her life.

Everyone who heard Kelly could share her visceral pain much less Xinghe who had experienced it personally before. If possible, Mubai wanted Xinghe to stop her surveillance; he was afraid that this might bring up dormant traumas in her.