Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 489: Election

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Chapter 489: Election

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

Mubai had been hoping for that. He felt better knowing they would protect Xinghe. "Alright, let go together. Go prepare now, we will move out in a minute!"

Mubai\'s group soon left for the base. Philip dispatched a highly trained unit for Mubai to command.

The sole objective of their mission was to rescue Kelly. However, saving her without raising the guards\' suspicion was easier said than done. Therefore, they had been strategizing on the way there.

Xinghe had brought with her some computer equipment. Without them, she wouldn\'t have been of any use there.

As they travelled to the base, Philip handed in his candidacy form; he would be joining the election tomorrow. Aliyah was happy to see him finally compromise.

"Philip, you should have done this a long time ago, but better late than never, trust me, you will not regret this decision."

"Remember what you\'ve promised me; if you touch Kelly, I cannot promise what will happen," Philip said expressionlessly before turning to leave. He didn\'t want to see this woman anymore.

Aliyah smirked as she watched his back. Of course, she would not let Kelly go so easily. The woman had taken her Philip, so of course she would need to pay for her sins.

Regardless, she was going to reach her goal soon, after that, nobody could stop her from doing what she wanted!

And Philip would have to beg her for mercy…

Aliyah couldn\'t help but laugh thinking about this; she couldn\'t wait for tomorrow\'s election to arrive.

The whole Country Y welcomed the election with good cheer. In this rocky country, the general election was always something momentous.

On one hand, people hoped the new president could save them from the endless war, but on the other, they lamented the futility of the rigged system. Therefore, there was a clear line between citizens that supported it and citizens that opposed it every election. Other than that, hidden intervention from hostile countries was a common occurrence.

However, in conclusion, Philip had the highest support among his countrymen.

Due to his ruthlessness in taking down terrorist and illegal organizations, he had always held a lot of support from Country Y\'s people.

Behind him was Aliyah. She was also quite popular in Country Y, famous for being an iron maiden.

Furthermore, she came from a decorated family background. Her grandfather was Country Y\'s ex-president, so she had quite a number of supporters as well.

However, due to the country\'s archaic mindset, a majority of citizens still placed their hope in Philip. In a way, the result of the election was already predetermined. Everyone knew Philip was going to win.

However, Philip knew things were not going to be so simple. His only hope was Mubai\'s group.

Mubai\'s group had finally reached the edge of IV Syndicate\'s main base when night fell.

After a full day of planning, they finally had some down time to pay attention to the general election.

Sam said happily, "With so many people supporting Philip, this must be a sure win for him!"

Ali and the rest thought the same way.

However, Xinghe shook her head, "That is not a certainty, at least until we save Kelly."

Cairn asked curiously, "Are they not going to let Philip win? But he has already agreed to working with them."

"The people from IV Syndicate knows Philip\'s cooperation is unwilling. Do you think they will let a liability like him ascend to the presidency?"