Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 488: Biggest Bet

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Chapter 488: Biggest Bet

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"Of course, this is just me being kind by reminding you. Other than that, I\'ll be waiting for you at the state hall, don\'t make me wait for too long."

With that Aliyah ended the call.

Philip almost crushed his phone. He met Mubai\'s searching eyes and said, "It\'s Aliyah, she wants me to make the choice today."

"But, we still can\'t ascertain your wife\'s condition yet," Mubai said.

Therefore, Philip couldn\'t come to a decision. If Kelly was safe, the decision would be easy. Alas, that was not the case…

Philip turned to Xinghe anxiously. "Still no sign of her?"

Xinghe didn\'t answer but focused on her work. She jumped through many surveillance cameras, her hands tapping the keyboard non-stop, hacking into every surveillance point. After a flurry of action, Xinghe suddenly stopped on a screen!

"Found her!" She heaved a sigh of relief.

Philip and Mubai widened their eyes at the same time as they looked at Kelly on the screen. Kelly was kept inside a small room. She was curled into a ball on the corner of her bed. She stared listlessly at the empty space before her. She reminded Xinghe of the first time she met Xiao Lin.

Philip\'s heart was gripped with pain when he saw her.

He gripped his fists tightly. "What did they do to her? Kelly is not like this; she is the most optimistic person I know in this world, but this…"

The woman on screen was like mannequin that had lost her soul. If not for unspeakable horror, a person wouldn\'t have changed so much.

It had been almost a year since Kelly was kidnapped by IV Syndicate. Philip hadn\'t seen his wife for that long. He didn\'t dare to imagine how her life was in that year, he was afraid that he would go through a mental breakdown. He didn\'t know the reality was worse than his greatest nightmare…

"We will be able to save her soon. What you need to do now is to tell them that you\'re willing to cooperate," Xinghe told him clearly. Her voice pulled him out of his painful memory.

"You\'re right." Philip\'s expression darkened. He turned to Mubai and said seriously, "I\'m going to the state hall. It\'s likely that I will not be able to leave there for a few days, so I will not be able to oversee this operation. Therefore, I leave the reign of command in your hands. Please save my wife!"

Mubai stood up and repaid him the same amount of severity. "We will do our best."

"Thank you!" Philip gave him a salute before turning to leave. He was going to the state hall to prepare for the upcoming election.

The fate of his wife and even the entire Country Y hanged in the balance.

He had no idea whether his choice was correct or not, but now, he had no choice but to believe his instinct. This was the biggest bet Philip had made in his life. However, he felt confident in it; he believed Xinghe and Mubai would pull through in the end.

Philip left after he arranged everything.

Mubai and the rest gathered to discuss the upcoming mission.

"I have to go to IV Syndicate\'s main base personally, this rescue mission is too important. We can\'t afford to make any mistakes," Mubai announced.

Xinghe looked at him and said firmly, "I\'ll be coming as well; I will provide the necessary support."

"We are going as well!" Sam\'s group said in unison.