Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! - Chapter 486: Dating with Marriage in Mind

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Chapter 486: Dating with Marriage in Mind

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

If Philip didn\'t stop with the nonsense, Mubai couldn\'t promise he wouldn\'t physically assault him. Philip who felt the discord was confused. What did he say wrong? However, his instinct told him to leave first.

"Then I will go now, call me if you need anything," Philip coughed awkwardly before leaving the room. After he left, Mubai found he still need to deal with Xinghe\'s new friends.

"Come clean with it, did you do anything wrong by Xinghe?" Sam cracked his fingers scarily. Ali and the rest glaring at Mubai behind him.

"That\'s right, I did disappoint Xinghe," Mubai admitted with a light nod.

Sam chuckled humorlessly. "How dare you do wrong by her, you don\'t deserve her and now I\'m going to help her teach you a lesson—"

Sam swung at Mubai, but his fist was caught in mid-air. Sam tried his best to wiggle out of Mubai\'s grip, but he couldn\'t. Mubai turned out to be more powerful than he was…

"I might have made a mistake, but it is certain not your place to teach me a lesson," Mubai glared at him and stated. "Furthermore, even if I did do something wrong, you would have no chance with her because our son is already four years old."

Sam and the rest were shocked beyond words. The two of them even had a child together already!

"By the way, if I really did cheat on Xinghe, do you think she would ever let me be here so close to her?" With that, Mubai swung Sam\'s fist away and turned to strode into the room.

The atmosphere in the room got instantly curious. If it was not disloyalty, then what kind of sin did Mubai commit?

Subconsciously, they all turned to Xinghe. Xinghe met their eyes and gave her side of the explanation, "Actually it was me who called off the marriage. We didn\'t love each other so there was no reason for us to stay married."

Sam and the rest didn\'t think that would be the reason.

"Then... do you love him now?" Sam asked as a test. There was also hope hidden in it. If Xinghe said no, then maybe he still had a chance!

"We\'re currently dating with marriage in mind," Xinghe answered seriously.

That sent Sam crashing back to reality. He was in deep despair, then again, he should have known that when Mubai came to save them from Barron.

Wolf and Cairn patted him on his shoulder as he shuffled out of the room. Ali also looked at him with pity.

Xinghe looked at them curiously before turning back to work.

"We will eventually get married again," Mubai said suddenly as he sat down beside her. There was a confidence in his voice.

Xinghe was shocked. She turned to look at him. His dark eyes were ablaze with passion.

Mubai opened his mouth to say, "I was glad to hear you say that."

He didn\'t think Xinghe would treat their relationship so seriously. Even though dating was not technically a romantic relationship, but for him, it was already a giant step forward.

Eventually, he would change their dating status to couple status and then finally to married status!

Xinghe laughed. "For some reason, I knew you would say something like that."

"Of course, I would. I would give up the world to marry you right this moment!"

"Then, we\'re still on different pages; I\'m not in a hurry to get married."

"No worries, we will be on the same page sooner or later," Mubai replied with confidence. He would use his lifetime to win her heart.